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A problem has arisen that may require more attention than the occasional thread on /int/, so I'm posting here. This thread also serves to inform Bernd who browses boards other than /int/ about the situation.

Polandball comics have been popular here for a while, mostly in 2009/2010, but even a little after that. They've also found their way to reddit where they remained relatively contained to one subsection, fortunately. Very recently, 9gag became aware of them and started featuring them on their main website on a daily basis, reaching an audition of millions(!) of people. Long story short, they're a big hit, people constantly hunger for new world comics™. Merchandise is about to begin.

It's not necessarily a matter of time until 9gag users arrive here, but it's very well possible that they do. One heavily upvoted comment under one of their comics, and we'll have a thousand of their breed here within an hour. The number of subreddit subscribers skyrocketed already (from 10k to 120k), and even one percent of that population would completely overrun us. All encyclopedias now point to this website, anyone using google will be here in only two clicks, unless he is sucked to reddit.
Wikipedia didn't allow the article until 4 weeks ago due to little relevancy. I guess that speaks for itself.

This is merely a warning that it could happen. If there are any precautionary measures open to us, then we should consider taking them. At the very least we should keep an eye on the number of visitors to this website.

thierrymeier_ Avatar

Who cares?

trueblood_33 Avatar

We should claim copyrights.
Where are our jew lawyers when we need them?

Also: that feel of shame when reading the wiki article

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Somebody wrote in the comments somewhere that shipping is another 25$ or so.

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can't we just ignore it? Ignoring habbenigs worked always best for this Bernd.

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Yes we can, in fact we probably will, and it's likely to work out for us, but there is a chance that it doesn't. We're not really interested in new users, particularly not the underage EBIC MEME xDDDDD crowd that 9gag is. It's possible that they start crediting "" in every single one of the comics or some bullshit like that. You can't really predict the consequences.

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Poland not upside down

fuckin shit do it right

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Meh, they can't be worse than the sosachers or /pol/fags.

>underage EBIC MEME xDDDDD crowd
wud b laff

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You can't have your cake and eat it.

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I just don't understand why those Reddit mods aren't instantly banned when they try to show off with their subreddit mod status on /int/.

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RussellBishop Avatar

I'm neither a reddit mod, nor do I actively browse the place

mikaeljorhult Avatar


This wasn't against you. We still have those e-fame addicted Reddit mods browsing on /int/.

areus Avatar

Because none of you wankers bother to report them with some usefull description

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'Polandball Reddit Mod' should be enough.

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Unlike a certain dead brazilian chan, we have no "reciprocity policy".
Aware of it since it first hit reddit, so far we haven't died yet.

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It's not about that. Let them steal the stuff. There is nothing you can do about it anyway. Who cares. What drives me mad is when they come to /int/ and reveal their Reddit mod status. They mock the whole board by doing that.

Especially that Norwegian Reddit mod deserves a ban. He even appeared on rfk one time to get even more attention. Even worse is that he was underage during that time as he mentioned himself.

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Are you one of those autists who keep reporting that brazilian ex-janitor? He didn't do nuffin.
> was underage
Emphasis on "was".

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No, I report Reddit mods though.

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Only solution is to permaban all keinbernd.
Exceptions can be made for honorary keinbernd.

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e b i n