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I humbly request the administration of Krautchan that is in possession of the /int/ board to officially implement the countryball "Moldova".

This ball is to represent the fellow romanian posters that are from Moldova region and represent the moldovan identity.

I think this is only fair since Bavarians and Omsk have one. It would enrich and diversify the board.

nehemiasec Avatar

Bavarians, Texans and the Neds got exta balls because they are special. Pic related kind of special. Do you really want to belong to that club?

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Sorry, but i really don't understand what you're trying to get at.

They're special because they have their separate identity, and moldovans have one too, fair no?

kazukichi_0914 Avatar

Don't you mean Moldavia?

wiljanslofstra Avatar


So it won't cause confusion with the current Moldova flag, yeah

But that flag looks like byzantium

marrimo Avatar

No, that one is indeed Moldavia's flag. This is the one for the Palaiologos Dynasty. ...but yes...they can be easily mistaken for each other in ball form.

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Moldavia flag posted for reference:

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>It would enrich and diversify the board.