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/kc/ 42059: I don't speak German, so please explain, why did kr...

georgedyjr Avatar

I don't speak German, so please explain, why did have CP, and why did the CP suddenly appear to get censored/replaced rather than deleted?

ma_tiax Avatar


You have no idea what CP actually is, do you?

fffabs Avatar

If you see CP, report it silently and do not hang it at the big bell, as we all would miss krautchan.
Most mods are quite fast at removing CP.

slaterjohn Avatar

Are you implying that underage girls with exposed nipples isn't CP?

joki4 Avatar


Yes. And I am also implying that you are an ignorant piece of shit, if you do not understand that nudity alone has nothing to do with pornography.

jqueryalmeida Avatar


Better check the current laws at server location again.

sgaurav_baghel Avatar


Also there isn't even a censoring/replacing function in the software, you are hallucinating.

sokaniwaal Avatar


It's the U.S., right? Still, photos of nude children are not illegal by default. This is such an utter nonsense that I am ashamed that I even response to that shit. Proof me wrong if cou can.