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Nowadays threads on KC wont survive 10 hours. Thread generation is especially bad at powerhours. Often active threads would be dead by the time bernd wakes up. The annoying thing about this issue is that the main reason for it are shit threads no one actually interested in.

So I would like to throw in the idea to make threads with low reply ratio sink faster past certain page count.

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I would suggest joining a regular forum where threads live forever and you can have "THE ULTIMATE x DISCUSSION THREAD" and it will live for like 7 years or more.

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Nice job moving putting words into my mouth, m8.

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>Often active threads would be dead by the time bernd wakes up.
For the moment you can either bump them before going to sleep (duh) or look them up at (but ofc you can't post in 'em anymore), though I personally still think that having a non-selective archive contradicts the idea behind an imageboard with tempoary content as opposed to a permanent forum.

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>bump them before going to sleep (duh)
Well duh, I was talking about active threads which got deleted by the time I wake up. And after looking at the last thread's last posts' date I concluded that the thread in question couldn't survive 6 hours...
The times I used it it was seriously lacking. Entire threads were missing, even posts from existing threads.

Looking at the responses in this thread people seem to believe that I'm some kind of noob. So I would like to mention that I have been channing since 2004. I have no problem with threads dying forever because of lack of interest or because it reached a post number. My only concern is - what I mentioned in OP - that threads die just because one has to sleep. And mostly due to shitposting threads only OP posted in.

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Eight hours to thread death is generally fine. I'd start worrying once it drops below five.

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At the time of my post the last threads last post was at

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Below 5 hours.
>Bernd 2015-01-12 17:04:23.39585 No. 26647666