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/kc/ 42121: >make post >upload 4 pictures >one pictu...

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>make post
>upload 4 pictures
>one picture gets rejected and discarded due to corruption
>post gets posted anyway, with only three pictures.

why made it so a faulty post go through? provide option to discard entire post if mistakes are found.

bnquoctoan Avatar

Not even in the top 10 of most autistic feature requests. Please do better.

ayalacw Avatar

its not a request for new feature, it's fixing something that is broken, there is a big difference.

If an image is found to be corrupt, then just discard the post, instead of posting text without image.

joshhemsley Avatar

In my opionion (other Bernd here) this is a serious flaw. You often see posts that make no sense because their attachment got removed (eg. when someone tries to post a pdf le epic meme).
I can't think of one usecase where I would want the post to go through without the attachments that I specified. Let me fix my attachments.

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Just another Bernd posting in hope that possibly the most annoying bug on here finally gets fixed instead of being ignored. Other imageboards don't do that either.

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Just delete it right away then

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I'm pretty sure almost everybody deletes or at least reposts the complete post immediately anyway. What's even the point of accepting it? It only creates more work, spams the thread and causes confusion. Even worse if the poster has blocked cookies and didn't set a password.

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Imagine you're uploading 3 MP3s which are multiple MB each, would you really want to have to re-upload them again?

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You still on dialup?

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Why do I think the only reason this hasn't been fixed yet is because the Admin has written some "funny" messages that are displayed when uploads fail?

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it's only to protect the Server which is hosting KC.

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What >>42172 says. Not going to get changed.

That would be because you're not terribly smart.

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And what if none of the uploaded files are accepted? An empty post is completely pointless and you have to reupload everything anyway.
This is a terrible excuse. But do as you like, KC doesn't exactly have a history of responding to complaints anyway.

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That would make actually make sense as a special case, but it's not what OP was talking about.

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Even more expensive: mobile phone.