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/kc/ 42268: Hi, can Ireland get a special ball for St. Patrick'...

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Hi, can Ireland get a special ball for St. Patrick's Day (Tuesday/17th March). Possibly this if there's not a better one. Thanks.

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Bump for justice, prod Germnay cannot keep ignoring tour righteous quest for hats!

arnel_lenteria Avatar

I wish Floridaball was here to make a better looking icon. :\

raquelwilson Avatar

Alternative suggestion

irsouza Avatar

I don't suppose we could get one for Northern Ireland as well, please?

arnel_lenteria Avatar


He left because /int/ is dead.

oaktreemedia Avatar

He left because a dumbshit mod banned him.

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I left temporarily to pursue a new outlet for creativity in Lego models. I have one on Lego Ideas right now to get Lego to actually sell it. It needs tons of votes, though. This post is like my first one here in a month.

On the balls, I made a proposal some years ago for St. Patrick's Day. Balls related.

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I should also not that the mod that banned me years ago didn't know what he was doing. Der General lifted my ban almost immediately and the mod was sacked a week or two later after he made several more mistakes.

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I haven't posted the latest archive in a long time either, so her it is:

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Noice, updated my repo as well.