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/kc/ 42298: April Fool's

ankitind Avatar

For the good of /int/'s morale and cultural development, on April 1st please tweak the board in the light-hearted mischevious spirit of April Fool's.

It could be anything like randomizing balls or playing a jump-scare webm in the background... I don't know, I'm not very creative with this kind of thing...

Thank you for reading and thank you for your consideration.

thomweerd Avatar

Replace random words with "duck" or "miau".
Or fuck up the citationnumber.
Or attach random pictures to posts.

maiklam Avatar

>It could be anything like randomizing balls
We've had that and it was pointless. 3/4 of all users were from countries that never post at all, thus making it completely anonymous.

christauziet Avatar

What about merdolini?

trueblood_33 Avatar

Thank you very much :3

aiiaiiaii Avatar

Nah it was pretty funny.
People who were from "somalia" posted random arabic sentences and allahu ackbar.

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