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/kc/ 42315: Can the moderation team make some attempt to stop /int/...

snowshade Avatar

Can the moderation team make some attempt to stop /int/ becoming /rvss/ in English? Thankyou.

Shriiiiimp Avatar

Can the moderation team make some attempt to stop /int/ becoming /tu/ in English? Thankyou.

terpimost Avatar

Banning /pol/-swiss would be a start. But it's never gonna happen, no matter how often you report him.

xspirits Avatar

>Ban this guy i don´t like, mods pls, he´s ruining my homo-hugbox.

People who report others for not liking their views and opinions should be gassed on sight.

iqbalperkasa Avatar

Ach Linkskrebs

terryxlife Avatar

He has a point. There are some toxic elements on this site who go straight to /int/ when they were banned on /b/ for their /rvss/ crap.

The moderation is really slow in general too.

javorszky Avatar

stay there

bergmartin Avatar

You take the effort to type in the captcha just to make an unrelated remark on homosexuality?

I usually don't make jokes on repressed homosexuality but man, you're gay.

abotap Avatar

The fuck is /rvss/?

cat_audi Avatar

>unrelated remark on homosexuality?

OP is a Tranny or at least a Homo, i can sense that, m8.

tereshenkov Avatar

I think he is a bosnian living in Switzerland, and man, not even I, who had to waste literally wall of texts with him, want him banned. He is another piece in our special magical rainbow colored row of regulars. Having rony versus soren kind of discussions is actually pretty productive for int (consider commie portugal, commie moldova, antifargie or commieturk against libertarian br, le pen or AZF for example), the only problem is when the discussion is made by underage germans who clearly camed from b after being banned there, and you can see their lack of maturity in every word written.

naupintos Avatar

To be fair, /pol/-Swiss hardly posts at all, I only see him once in a while. And as I recall he did get banned once, but don't quote me on that.

We've got this new shitposter though:

chatyrko Avatar

I wish we could ban that Blockwart Austrian who makes screenshots all day. Maybe next time we do Anschluss he can have his dream come true reporting all Pifkes to his overlords.

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lisakey1986 Avatar

Board created in order to get rid of people fighting about their "deep and insightful political views" on /b/.

husamyousf Avatar

Alternatively, you could stop being a whiney cunt.