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/kc/ 42348: About current events on /int/

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Im not complaining about moderation of /int/ -even if i could- or about how mods are designed, but i concerned about the point people who makes threads just with the sole purpose of shitpost, and also avatarfagging while starting flamewars against the userbase have the right to ban or delete threads/posts just for the sole reason they dont agree with. So, im just asking to those persons just keep their shit for themselves as long they do the moderation. But dont use your mod powers just to make the board more awful just keep pushing your tastes on us. If you think my complain is out of my right or against the rules then you guys are free to take the actions you think are more convenient.

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>Im not complaining about moderation of /int/ -even if i could- or about how mods are designed

Well I am

Why the fuck was that stupid kiwi cunt made a mod

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im not complaining because its pretty useless. People who picks mods are just because they ciclejerk enough on IRC. And im pretty sure that autist made a camwhore show with a dildo for them. Ill be happy if he stops shitposting or at least i get a response for this. (which probably it will be a ban because i hurt the faggot and the actual mods feelings)

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Kiwi needs a fucking permaban. Where the fuck are the mods?

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call it a doxx or anything you want, but we are all sick of this fucking shitposter bullshit

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Be careful what you say to Kiwi too, bitch is abusing mod powers and can see your IP address as well and can single out individual posters.

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This shit has got to stop, why would anyone in their right mind let this deranged mongo keep running rampant?

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I think KC's admins simply don't give a fuck anymore. Whenever I go on IRC to try and talk to dergeneral there's no response at all.

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You really think they're a mod.

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kiwi pls go

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You should check your calendar more frequently.

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25 minutes ago: 3 Annie May threads on the front page, all of them made by Kiwidyke. At least three more made by other posters circling somewhere within the first 5 pages.
Mod or no, anime or not, making attention-whoring shitthreads with the express purpose to piss off a large chunk of a board should be a bannable offense.

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Over-exaggeration. Use the hide button to hide threads you don't like.

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M8, you can apply the same logic to 6 shitthreads. Making multiple threads that contribute nothing but cultivating butthurt has always been a bannable offense.

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If the threads were posted under any other ball nobody would be upset.

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but they arent posted under any other ball

Get rid of the fucket

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Yeah, because Kiwidyke already made a name for herself through her obnoxious attention-whoring. If it was three Ferenc shitthreads on the front page along with shitposting beyond what he usually pulls off I'd vote for a ban as well.

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They do get banned when it gets out of line. Bans aren't permanent.

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Mods are not designed, they are products of evolution.

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Also wrong board.