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garethbjenkins Avatar

Why can't I upload this webm here?
Here's what it says after a failed upload.

Shriiiiimp Avatar

Looks like it couldn't be imported and was ignored.

BillSKenney Avatar


also, here's the webm, uploaded it to a slow sub-board, so it will be up there for a while

Can I expect you to fix this? I think krautchan engine tries to convert it or generate a thumbnail or something, but fails... because frame splicing is too complex or something, I dunno, something related to the video structure.
here's the link again

inb4 the admin slowpokes it again

judzhin_miles Avatar

Why don't you fix the webm instead of expecting KC to fulfill your biddings?

Let me guess.. You already have a shitload of poorly encoded webm files at hand, just waiting to be posted, right?

ryanmclaughlin Avatar

For anyone interested: It didn't upload because VP9/opus codecs, while KC only supports VP8/ogg. Not OP here.

likewings Avatar

If the webm is being played just fine by a browser/media player, then I shouldn't have to convert it in such a way, so that krautchan's engine is able to upload it.

All kc has to do is to simply upload it, then feed the data to the browser
as far as I'm concerned, kc's engine doesn't need to compress or do anything with webm, other than generate a thumbnail...

besides, I'm using Adobe Premiere and the only available plugin for it to create a webm.

So I'm guessing the video itself has some intricate structure.
But if an admin fixes the issue, that'd be great, so kc's engine won't be worse than let's say the engine of this imageboard
>VP9/opus codecs

Oh thanks!

So can we expect an admit to upgrade the kc's engine so that it supports both webm codecs?
inb4 the admin finds 99 excuses for not doing it

ayalacw Avatar

Opus is fine. Only VP9 isn't.