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/kc/ 42532: Stop relying in Dollchan

joemdesign Avatar

When will the administration hire someone to work in modernizing Krautchan and stop relying in Dollchan/other addons?

Seriously, I can donate money if its needed.



n_tassone Avatar

Probably never. KC is a hobby project and the last time we took money from other people went badly, as in a few hundred euros were frozen for three years.
Also I have something in the works but you wouldn't be able to pay my rates. I just do it in my free time instead for free.

erikdkennedy Avatar

Just because I live in a third world country it doesn't mean I don't have money m8. But yeah, I get your point, although I think the administrators are just lazy and conformists. Its like keeping using the old wikipedia format.

jajodia_saket Avatar

When will the administration hire someone to add automatic recognition and bans for Dollchan users?
Unfortunately, I can't donate money if its needed.



sava2500 Avatar

While we're at it, we got catalog, but no "All" option in the left of page number

Can adman please implement that? I don't like catalog, I prefer having all threads on one single page

KC used to have superior engine (especially with 4 images per post) to 4chan, then 4chan updated and KC stayed unupdated till catalog. Now Redditchan (8chan) have the best engine, even one more image than KC

urbanjahvier Avatar

Give a man an inch...

wiljanslofstra Avatar

Does KC even have a working mobile version? Serious question.

aluisio_azevedo Avatar


hampusmalmberg Avatar


Opinion disregarded. Why there isn't a mobile version ffs?

m_kalibry Avatar

8chan engine is gay as fuck, nearly as shit as ylilautas. I think 4chan has it right.

okcoker Avatar

I would be okay if you just implement this shit here!
It's absolutely mandatory for comfy lurking.

Can't you just copy the javascript form dollchan or something? Seriously...

murrayswift Avatar

I agree, Dollchan always breaks when you apply some browser security measures, we should get rid of the shitty script injection through add-ons and develop the site instead. But people have been saying this over and over again for years now.

bluesix Avatar

Maybe even start blocking Dollchanusers.
This script does stuff like replacing filenames by ".png" and such things.

freddetastic Avatar

KC is fine as it is. KC is made for PC. Not for hipster hardware.
Raw functionality with a minimal amount of scripts or other Web 3.0 shit.
You should be thankful.

mwarkentin Avatar

I'd really like to see "replied to", though. Without being a part of the Russian botnet.

alexradsby Avatar

Just showing who replied to whom would be enough.

mauriolg Avatar

use /b/ackwash script.

nasirwd Avatar

pdf support soon