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/kc/ 42535: A mod just posted this on /int/. Could someone please c...

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A mod just posted this on /int/. Could someone please clarify if German law must be followed on this site or not? Because if so, well, about half the userbase needs to be banned immediately as they violate anti-Nazi legislation on an hourly basis.

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Laws are based where the server is hosted, so I don't believe so.

keremk Avatar

Just do what the mods say. Nobody wants to discuss law with you.

meisso_jarno Avatar

>Nobody wants to discuss law with you
Yes, but "sometimes" law wants to discuss with you using police and StGB (German criminal code). It is super-effective. They do not ask you whether a mod accepted the posts or not.

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>has something in life to loose
>lurks krautchan

Choose one.

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Don't post anything that's illegal in your country, it's as simple as that.

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The mod wrote shit, only american law is guilty on krautchan because the servers are hosted there. German law is not guilty here

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>american law is guilty on krautchan because the servers are hosted there. German law is not guilty here
Hihi. :3

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No. For germans it's based on the audience. So germany will prosecute you, if you're hosting shit for germans. Of course they would too, if you're hosting for germans but you aren't german, but then no german law applies for you.

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Bump, this needs an statement.

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It does not.

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No because many of the posters are not German, and the ones who are only do so out of political satire. There are no actual right-wing extremists here.

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He's right about what is illegal (it depends on the state KC is hosted in, 2d situation in the US is confusing) and semiright about which law matters - but the law is generally ignored where convenient when it's not about school shootings or pedoshit.
If you fuck up, that is threaten to shoot up your school or post hard cp from your home connection, the administration will happily give your IP to law enforcement because they have no obligation to protect obvious fuckwits who do illegal shit that could draw heat to KC. Apart from that it usually comes down to mod discretion.
You won't get an official statement for obvious reasons but this is how it works currently.

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The mods would be better off not logging anything, but they do and as far as i know for an unspecified time (like until the server hdd crashes).

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That's bullshit.