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/kc/ 42596: Why isn't this shit banned?...

kriegs Avatar

Why isn't this shit banned?

jqueryalmeida Avatar

It makes me sad to see how much Pepe is posted instead of Sadfrog.

Such an ugly and unfunny mene.

I haven't even saved 1 pic of Pepe on my computer, that's how much I dislike Pepe.

alexradsby Avatar

sadfrog was cancerous as well. But this "pepe" Meme is making it even worse. And i guess it is not going away. Look at how "the feel" is still a meme, despite it was a bannable offense once. (at least at /b/, /int/ seems to tolerate more shit)

saarabpreet Avatar

pepe = sadfrog
lurk more, newbernd
smug pepe is just the smug version of sad pepe

_kkga Avatar

I dislike that shit even more. I hide every post with that green menace and its derivatives. You may have something life-changing to say but chose a frog to go with it? Opinion discarded!

jacobbennett Avatar

it's cancer anyway. Mods should ban it. consequently

emileboudeling Avatar


Fuck off