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/kc/ 42863: International Countryballs

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General thread for purpose of changing or updating them, the balls that is.

First, maybe Religiousballs for religious board (wish it was international too like /int/ or travel, we have only /christian/ on cripplechan)?

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Other idea - Maybe an Ideologicalballs for possible future politics (not /pol/, fuck them) or /new/ board?

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Und speshul snowflake anarkiddies

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Last - Updating few balls (no cheatenings, inverted poland is so fuggin KC tier and an old joke)

Well, what are your thoughts, Bernds?

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Oh! And a better idea for Monaco.

Oslo forgot Alevi/Alawiteball.

Last time balls were updated... Years ago, in 2010~2012 I think? Few changed like Croatia or South Korea with Floridaball's re-done balls.
War Week ones STILL needs polishing.

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no more beret on Quebec plx

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How would you tie religions and politics to IP addresses?

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You'd have a list to choose from, like Flags on 4chon (RIP)
Or currently on /pol/ on 4chin or cripplechan on various boards.
It could also be assigned randomly, like on old 4chin /pol/.

I remember someone did Quebecois (Québécois? Quebecer? Quebecker?)ball with hat similar to this one, which was seen as your traditional. The problem was I think it's also associated with Anglo (ie main-core, Ontario, etc)-Canadians.

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Wow, choosing a ball to discredit its "regular" users by trolling. I don't see any problems with that.

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Well, it worked pretty well on /new/ of old on 4chon.
But that's mostly because almost each user had a name or even trip, so we know who was which ideology.
And on /christian/ when I proposed addition of it.

I still wonder why /int/ don't even have name fields. Trips can be disabled like on [s4s].

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>Name fields
In theory, this is an ANONYMOUS imageboard.

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This is basically what happens during USaian and EUnionist power hours.

wud b laff to introduce those

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we should have country spurdos like on yli

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If you want this to be like Ylilauta, why don't you just go there?

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Not OP, but thought posting the ball archive would be appropriate.

FYI, your best chances for success in getting a new ball icon in place is if...
1. It's temporary
2. It's easy to implement by the staff
3. It's temporary
4. It's attached to a specific holiday or historical event that happened on a specific day of the year
5. It's temporary
6. The primary reason for having it in place is NOT to cause butthurt
7. It's temporary

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In fact we had, during April Fool's day somewhere around 2012. I saved them all.

What I liked on Uli which could be implemented here are alternative balls during various important international holidays. We have them for X-mas, Uli have them for X-mas, Easter and Halloween. I once suggested to implement Merdolinos during Halloween one Italian worked on.

Here are archives for that, check it!

Hello Floridaball! Thanks for replying, was trying to find a contact to you since you don't reply to me on /int/

About your archive, few things:
You should put old version of eu.png somewhere, like the Unofficial archive. I like the ilelimnati thingy tho, depicts what EU is perfectly well.
Move Kosovoball to Serbia folder, I don't see KC recognising any unrecognised states aside Palestine and Taiwan, neither should you.
il-mk3, under the name of il-tank was displayed when your mouse moved over Israelicubes, you should move it to Special archive.

And question
What symbols have you used for Carolingian Empireball and Sumerball?
For Carolingians I guess it's Carolingian Knot/Cross, but no idea for Sumer... Star of Ishtar/Shamash? Looks like so.
It's used prominently on Assyrian flags (national and state proposal) hence your Assyrianball, so if it's so you should perhaps pick some symbol more recognisable for Sumerians, I think it have Semitic origin.
The problem is aside their alphabet letters like (this one is perhaps most recognisable) nothing comes to my mind :/.
Franks used banner known as Oriflamme, rendered here: (normal version:, here more:
Other renditions of it I saw (as Banner used by French Kings later): and
You could alternatively add it as Frankish Empireball or smt.
Are you used to new computer, when will you work on new balls? The only new things I see in your archive aside updated 1 Countryball Map.png are Thumbs.db files, you should delete them from it.

My original intention was to use them on religious and eventual political board, as an option to choose from like on old 4chon /new/ to represents your religious/political views, but it also should serve as a general Countryballs thread I guess.
Yeah you're right, the historical holidays/national holidays are implemented most frequently.

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Few of saved and custom modified by me balls, you could aswell add some of them after initial correction of some to the archive too.

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I renamed your Krakówball to Cracowball Sad in my archive

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You also had vn-sun-hat in previous incarnations of your archive, no idea why you got rid of it

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Missing domains

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About bu - I saw on one website once, unfortunately I lost the original image I requested it from.

Last one from a meme of course.
Most of them I based around Polandball comics and Ylilauta Spurdos.

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Here it is, found it

How is that hat called?

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