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/kc/ 42888: Can you please publish statistics for Krautchan? How...

newbrushes Avatar

Can you please publish statistics for Krautchan?

How many people with Unique IPs post on /int/ per day? How many people simply lurk without ever posting? How many posts per hour?

kennyadr Avatar

Would be interesting. I'd like to know how much traffic this site produces (?) per month.

edobene Avatar

I hate this Determinationshit like polls and stuff more than i'm interested in the results of such. A "I am so clever.jpg"-Guy trying to reveal the "Who is who on Krautchan" is completely missing the idea of an anonymous imageboard, or disrespecting it nevertheless.

I'm very glad there are no stats. Bernd doesn't have to compete. Not this time.

bouyghajden Avatar

Did you misread accidentally or on purpose? This would not touch anonymity at all.

stushona Avatar

polls? I never said anything about polls. And showing traffic statistics has nothing to do with anonymity either.

anaami Avatar