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/kc/ 42947: Sticky for /int/ please

mbilalsiddique1 Avatar

I can't into Deutsch since I'm a cockroch, forgive me, but could /int/ get a sticky for the Med Crisis so we don't have 5+ threads about it on the front page?


trueblood_33 Avatar


This is my point. This isn't even the whole catalogue. We have so many threads on the same topic, there is clearly appetite for its discussion.
That should warrant a sticky, no?

lisovsky Avatar

3MB upload limit. Curses

jehnglynn Avatar

No. A sticky would fill up with even more shit than the regular threads and would require constant maintenance.
It's a current event and not shortlived like a football game, so there will be threads about it, deal with it.

thomweerd Avatar

>would require constant maintenance
So you're a lazy cunt? Nice cop-out.
You've misinterpreted my intentions btw. I'm not offended by all the threads. This topic interests me. I'd rather I could access it all easier, that's all.
Also by doing so, I'd be able to access all the other threads easier by not having to see the same topic thread multiple times.

keyuri85 Avatar

> I'd rather I could access it all easier,
what is the catalog