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I assume Krautchan is hosted in the US? If so, has krautchan ever received subpoenas or requests from U.S. Government for personal information of users? What about other governments?

8chan releases "transparency report" every few months, and on two occasions, US government asked them for IPs of users who were posting Pro-ISIS posts on two Islamic boards that they have on 8chan.

here they are;

Many service providers release a "Warrant canary", which are public statements that are made periodically where the service provider says that they have not received secret gag-order from authorities, so that when one day they do receive a gag-order, we will know by the fact that they will not tell us that they did not receive one. Pretty clever loophole, don't you think?

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You will get a subpoena for posting cancerfrogs

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Don't discriminate against pepe, bro.

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I am also interested in this, can any mod or admin shed some light to this?

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8chan is on a mission for free speech, Krautchan is just a board some dudes host. It doesn't need a warrant canary.

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Ever asked yourself how a bunch of poor students can bear such immense server costs without any advertisement on their page (or other website-related income sources)?

Just guess.

Same goes for 4chan, 8chan and all other relevant image boards, btw.

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>immense server costs

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>Same goes for 4chan, 8chan and all other relevant image boards, btw.

8chan is owned by 2ch, and is supported by ads too.

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Oh yeah, data mining that feel when no gf and kot blini posts has to pay big time. The admins aren't students anymore either.

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up for answers

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I don't think the leaders of Krautchan are students any more. Maybe they were back when it was founded.

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I can personally assure you that these posts were written by knowers: >>43025 >>43033 >>43040 >>43060
KC is small enough to run on a hobby budget and noncontroversial enough to not bother with a warrant canary.

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>I can personally assure you

Seems legit.

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>immense server costs
KC can be hosted with like 10-20€ per month. Maybe even less.

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Wasn't it more like ~85 €? The server cost donation overview has been gone for quite a while, I don't recall correctly.

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