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/kc/ 43028: US Virgin Islands poster. He sounds like he is a long-t...

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US Virgin Islands poster. He sounds like he is a long-term poster and not just visiting there for a few days, so he needs a ball icon.


There is actually a US Virgin Islands ball icon already uploaded with the US stateballs here:, but it looks like the US Virgin Islands is being recognized as a top-level country code on /int/. Hence, just like with Texas, there will need to be an exact duplicate of the US Virgin Islands ball with the regular countryballs.

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Honestly I wouldn't mind being grouped under the US ball, I have a feeling the rare flag shit won't stop.

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If he sounds like an old-time poster, that means he's probably a proxy you fat dumb fuck.

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Tell you what, just for you, I'll time stamp my dick at Blackbeards Castle.

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Thanks, Admin. Ball archive updated.

I added three new ones. This is the first time I added new balls to the archive since January, so besides the standard Christmas ball I make every time a new official ball is added, I thought I'd create two other "essential" balls along with it that I felt were missing from the archive: Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) and ISIS. Enjoy! -Floridaball

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Haven't seen you around in a while, hope all has been well Floridaball. Your hard work is always appreciated.

t. /int/ mod.

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Nice to see you back! Could you please answer me on >>42966 ?

Btw, have you thought of doing New Russian balls?
New Russia, Variant, DPR (Classical), LPR (Classical)

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KPR (Failed), OPR (Failed), DPR and LPR.

There are also those paramilitary organisations like Azov or Donbass, some of them have flags too or other symbols.

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There was that Merdolino Italian, he did pic related.

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The old version of EU ball is back in unofficial folder. Mods didn't remove them; just renamed them.

Carolingian ball = Charlemagne Cross
Sumer ball = Sumeria sun symbol

Also, I'm not going to be doing any more "en masse" ball additions. I will only be adding new ones when completely necessary like this with the VI ball.