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sokaniwaal Avatar

If Luso-America is represented with a unique ball on Columbus Day, so should Anglo and French America.

I have made two balls for the matter, an English colonial ball (the conquistador-style helm was also used by English soldiers of the period), and alternate white and blue versions for Quebec.

liang Avatar

Updated French ball for the historical flag of France upon the foundation of her first colonies (just removed the top fleur-de-lys).

timgthomas Avatar

Here are my propositions, following Floridaball's ky.png, Great Britainball.png and French Kingdomball.

Floridaball, could you do Dutch with hat like pic related? I'd like to have Russia too, but no idea for flag or hat.

Bernd Avatar


Don't just be a slave to the old countryball zip, it's better to innovate if you get more appropriate balls for the effort.

French flag of the period is more iconic to most modern people than the white-and-fleur-de-lys, I think, in addition to being more period-appropriate of course.

And using 1700's britball is against the spirit of the event, I think.

thank you for the contribution though

suprb Avatar

That's a Kühl idea but what are you going to do for Canada and USA?