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/kc/ 43131: Stop talking about the refugees

jeremyworboys Avatar

Every second thread on /int/ is about the refugees. Can't they get their own board or something?

giuliusa Avatar

Those threads have already gotten less.

It's a hot topic right now, like Breivik was once, or Polish plane crash, or 7-1.

suribbles Avatar

We now see the long term effects of the migration of /new/ (or /pol/) posters to kc that happened at a certain time.

For the german /b/, those people actually received their own board (/rvss/).

fluidbrush Avatar

It's an important topic right now. Imagine we are in 1943. Should we not talk about world war II then?

tereshenkov Avatar

Not just refugees, but news threads in general. Every thread that is not some greentext ironic shitposting thread is a thread with a news link where the thread works as the comment sector of the article. This shit is getting out of hand. Just fucking delete the whole /int/ board. Nothing can save it at this point. It's the only humane thing to do. End the suffering.

okcoker Avatar

the war has ended since 1945 and /int/ is still talking about it.

however, I do propose creating a new board for /pol/ and /new/ migrants with flags. /int/ has had enough of this shit.

fritzronel Avatar

>Imagine we are in 1943.
Try to imagine we are in 2015 for once.