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/kc/ 43346: hello we have a problem on ylilauta with krautchan tier...

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hello we have a problem on ylilauta with krautchan tier posters and i'm wondering if you can do anything to contain your very boring and very vocal user base? something that would prevent them from using ylilauta and krautchan together like autobaning for yli in http_referer. also auto banning for just posting the strings "ylilauta" and "yli" would be great
i think this is going to work out well for both of us, it will save you a lot of work in the long run

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I don't believe there really is anything that could make Ylilauta, with its 10 circlejerk teenage posters, worse than it was already before. Sorry that you have to blame "krautchan tier posters" now that nobody gives a fuck about yli and its 5 years old maymays anymore these days.

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kc tier

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Hallo is this some butthurt I'm detecting :DDDDDDDDDD

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I would tell you to retunrn kc if you weren't already here. Kc steals our memes too fk u

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>kc tier
>fk u
Oh no what done, the complete userbase of yli came together here now to call me kc tier and defend ylilauta X--DD

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kill yourself retard

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kc tier

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german joonas

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Thanks for your suggestion. So do you already give autoban for "kraut" in your chan? How well has it worked so far? Did it went better than explanation?

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but yli is shit