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/kc/ 43409: Christmas Balls

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Shall we do the standard Christmas Ball thingie this year, where they get switched on from 21 December to 25 December? The Christmas balls are already the longest-running Krautchan balliday, and this year would make it five years in a row that they've been used.

bruno_mart Avatar

Here are the Christmas icons made this year that ought to be uploaded.

On a related note, we recently had a new confirmed poster from Kuwait. Once his regular ball icon attached here gets uploaded, I'll make the Christmas version of that one, too.

naupintos Avatar

Less than a week until Christmas! Make it happen already!!!!!!!

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That was a unilateral change made by one of the mods, who is also pretty much the only Iranian poster.

degandhi024 Avatar

Wth I thought all Christmases we had Christmas balls?

I don't get second and third, but yes

Bernd Avatar

They're not set to automatically switch on. The staff has to turn them on manually, and you have to "remind" them on /kc/ at least a few days in advance.

I'm concerned the staff does not monitor the /kc/ board as much as they used to, though.

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Pls gibe us Christmass ball hats or I will poop in your stockings.

kimcool Avatar

hi I'm an American and I would like christmas hats. By the way, we need different hats for catholicism (western europe), othodoxy (poland and the rest of eastern europe), and protestantism (USA).

While you consider that, use this picture of Old Glory (the American Flag) to remind yourself of America's Triumph over the world, and our undeniable superiority over your pathetic excuse of a country. God Bless America.

kamal_chaneman Avatar

Way to not get a hat, you asshole.

enjoythetau Avatar

The normal scheme is that they get put in place from the Winter Solstice through Christmas Day. Normally, the Winter Solstice is on the 21st, but I just checked and it looks like the solstice is on the 22nd this year.

So, if you wanted to be assburger about it, the official start time for the Christmas Balls should coincide with this year's Winter Solstice exactly, which is 22 December at 5:48 AM, Germany time.

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what's a solstice?

t. American

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But Christmas is in january

t. russian

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We shouldn't be russian to conclusions right now.

posterjob Avatar

No hats this year?

albertaugustin Avatar

I always forget on what days to turn this on/off, we need to standardize it.

Autistic suggestions welcome. (plz none where it would last longer than a week or so.)

newbrushes Avatar

We've typically done the Christmas Balls from 21 December to 25 December (Winter Solstice through Christmas Day). If you're looking for a time to automatically start them, 12 AM, 21 December would be appropriate.

jffgrdnr Avatar

Thank you Admin for adding the Christmas Balls again this year. I see the regular Kuwait ball has also been uploaded, so I just made the new Christmas Kuwait Ball as promised, which ought to be uploaded, too.

T: Floridaball

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