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/kc/ 43631: Dome for Moskovarian posters

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There has been a request to distinguish Moskovarian posters from the rest of their countrymates by changing their countryball into a dome.

I'd offer to create such a "countryball", and if it's not too much, also try to come up with something for St. Petersburg posters, but as I'm not a draw-Bernd it'd probably take me a couple of hours to come up with something useful in Krita or GIMP, so I'd need affirmation from the admirality that they'd actually use it (if it looks nice).

This precaution I take because there is one particular banner that's very nice but wasn't added and no comment has been given why that's the case.

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I support this motion because it's culturally justified (pic related). It could be called "Москореп", alternatively rural Russia could receive a Sovietball. The NKVD sign, now, would do well for Olgino:

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>There has been a request to distinguish Moskovarian posters from the rest of their countrymates by changing their countryball into a dome.
For what purpose.

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BUMP to the thread

t. author of the latest (yesterday's) request.

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1. Moscow is very different from other cities of Russia. And by saying "different" I mean Russians have strict divide between "those, who work in Moscow" and "those, who work beyound MKAD border".
2. There are simple online games like "" and "" which use this long known "cultural standoff" as setting for the games.
3. It have been known long before USSR break that all good "deficit" things go to Moscow and it is the only place where you can buy rare items your city doesn't have thanks to mistakes in plan economy.

However, there's also one more purpose: Moscow has very different Bernds, who have completely different reasons for "being a bernd" than rest of Russian Bernds have.

I am from "new Moscow" area's town named "Троицк", so I neither of both. I hope it is a good position to judge from.

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4. I also find it pretty symbolic that my dome pics have no eyes -- Moscow residents are pretty blind about politics since Moscow is "the citadel, where no one can get".

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Against it, it will only end with insulting moscovits every time they say something critical abou russia, they already are called out often when they mention it.

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I often explicitly tell I work in Moscow and no one called me names -- at least, for being a moskvitch.

Therefore I don't think there is no reason not to try -- at least for a trial period -- this idea.

Actually I was thinking of making Moscow people tell how to survive in moscow if you're a novice at living in the capital, which also creates good threads about dividing russian culture, "russian culture of squatting" and moscovian "culture" of stealing ... other countries cultures.

Overall I believe it is a good idea to keed "dome" till Sunday of this week when Russians celebrate Malenitsa feast of meeting spring. Why? This way, celebration mood will make things easier and more international-tier -- everyone will be talking of different ways of celebrating "blinii week", that's how Maslenitsya is often called.

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I made a thread about Russia Vs Moscow quarrel

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This. I don't see it as serving any purpose except for fueling elitism, either for or against those from Moscow. This is the exact reason the US doesn't have state balls.

t. mod.

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Oh, now I see...
Against it, but I have funnier idea: give sunflower to Kuban area of Russia (it grows sunflowers and eats "semki" profusely)

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>hurr we so special snowflake

and then they'll ask "When Russian has an own ball for it's capital why not country X has also" ?

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I get it.
But hey! What if Siberia could get own ball? Everyone knows Siberia lives hungrier life.

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>special snowflake
I have an idea. OP -- which is me -- is from "nuclear research town" called Troitsk. This GeoIP thing was not true (real GeoIP of Troitsk users is accurate and even allows to play Ingress using "wifi coordinates" without gps).

All I wish for is to mark "new Moscow" area, whose center Troitsk has become (since 2012 Moscow, which used to look like a circle, has a huge tringle-shaped piece of land officially attached to it)

It is my own request, but masking my own wish under "would be cool if" autism-like proposals is not fair, so I uncover my intentions.

Bonus joke: I once wrote to Kremlin a letter, where I stated Moscow officially has higher desity of population than Tokyo and Troitsk is an interesting nanotechnologocal town.

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