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/kc/ 43674: Dear Krautchan! As a visitor from Moscow, who has ex...

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Dear Krautchan!

As a visitor from Moscow, who has experience dealing with non-Moscow people who blame Moscow, I suggest to add "Moscow ball" into /int/

Why: Moscow is huge (10 million people, unofficially and with working people from suburbs it gives almost 15 million)

PROFIT: all the argue about RUssia gets divided into two more interesting streams, also giving regulatable stream of argue between Moscow and "ZaMKADye" area i.e. rest of Russia.

Details: Uno: Range of Moscow IPs is very easy: all moscow IP have "GeoIP" locked to Kremlin area.
Dos: This moscowball is 256x256px .jpg, and it mimics style of domes from St. Bazil Cathedral from Red Square, while resembling a ball.

leelkennedy Avatar

I have a better version as well.


I think it's easy to add Moscowball as long as all Moscow IPs (even "new Moscow's") have the same GeoIP which points at Kremlin.

grafxiq Avatar

I also believe no eyes are needed for Moscowball.

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Random guess: is it possible to give "moscow russia" ball smal cow horns instead?

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Also, PNG version of ver. 1.0

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