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/kc/ 43740: Is "I was banned for cuckposting" phrase any ...

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Is "I was banned for cuckposting" phrase any bannable for containing c-word?

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I have an idea for that "Moscow Ball" stupid thread.

You see, turns out Russians oftn refer to St. Petersburgh as to "Culture Capital". People there are told to have mentality, very alternative to usual Russian way of thinking -- both because St. Petersburgh was Russian Empire's capital for 2 centuries AND because of memorable Leningrad Blocade (St. Petersburg's suburbs are still called "Leningradskaya oblast'" for some reason).

Also, despite of somewhat mild climadte, St. Petersburgh is located on Polar Circle (66 degree north latitude).


I decuded to bump this thread because my "Why?" picture of Russian girl in sailor suit perfectly fits my question, "why no Russian on KC tells other bernds that St. petersburgh is considered to be Russian's culture capital or ''a window to Europe''?"

So, I think, that it would be fitting to give Leningrad aka Petrograd aka St. Petersburgh some credit. [i]My idea is such: I think Petrograd area should get custom ball: Russia ball, wearing golden crown with fur cap inside, known in Russia as "Monomah's Cap"

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> People there are told

>are told

Sorry, I've meant "being told to have".