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/kc/ 43801: Why are animated gifs still allowed? Flash was removed ...

peterlandt Avatar

Why are animated gifs still allowed? Flash was removed so why can't gifs be?
The size of a animated gif converted to webm is much much smaller. The same size webm gives better quality and sound. The point of some animated gifs are lost because the thumbnail isn't animated, thankfully.

If removing support isn't an option can the size be limited to below 1Mb or less. Lots of gifs that really should be a video file will then not be supported while smaller ones can still be for whatever reason.
Or create a new board exclusively for gifs.

teylorfeliz Avatar

Not due to size reasons. Flash files can contain exploits or something.

mrzero158 Avatar

I know flash is a piece of shit security wise and it is a good thing to not use it. I'm just questioning animated gifs. The reason for still supporting them. Thumbnails isn't animated and webm is better for video. You could argue for historical reasons but I can't see how a gif made from a 2016 movie is historical.

franciscoamk Avatar

Gifs are perfectly fine for many kind of things and all supported files can be bigger than necessary. People just don't know how to make good and small gif files anymore.
And you don't expect me to convert my over 9000 gifs, i collected so many years, to webm files without sound, and beeing slapped every time i post them, or do you? Stop mixing VP9 into your krautordner.

bouyghajden Avatar

> many kind of things
Name one?

> People just don't know how to make good and small gif files anymore.
Exactly and why should they? Any file can be made bigger then it needs to be and that is the point, gifs are wasteful for video.

I don't expect anyone to convert their 9001 gifs from the 90s to webm without sound. I'm just questioning the posting of them.

necodymiconer Avatar

We should lower the file size of .gifs so no one can post these horrible 4MB 0,3 seconds tumblr gifs.

nehemiasec Avatar

file size allowed

ionuss Avatar

transparent background

mylesb Avatar

For what purpose? PNG has alpha channel and mostly better compression.

maiklam Avatar

Not everyone wants to learn new skills every year, when a new and SO MUCH BETTER file format gets invented. I fuckin save stuff, and hardly delete some, but i also avoid saving data as pdf since the 90s for example. I just love my collection and will keep it and keep posting it. May i ask what problem exactly _you_ have with others posting big files?
Too much load for your backup routine, OR WHAT ELSE?

iamfelipesouza Avatar

And since when does the komtur care about such things?

deviljho_ Avatar

I have no problem with people posting big files. I do however have a problem with animated gifs that would be much better suited to be a proper video file. See >>43803

Also what does pdf have to do with gifs part from tools like pdflatex being sane enough not to support them?