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/kc/ 43811: i have a suggestion that you should copy 4chan's UI...

itsracine Avatar

i have a suggestion that you should copy 4chan's UI, it is clearly better and i can preview quotes and stuff. It really makes the site better do you think you could at least add the quote preview thing. Thanks

antonyryndya Avatar

I Agree

syswarren Avatar

i just feel like the quote preview box pop up things would really help easy of use and easy conversation reading

andychipster Avatar


What about replies showing up next to the post?

ryanmclaughlin Avatar

my buttgina hurts

uxdiogenes Avatar

yeah you know what i'm talking about? and also like when i click on your poster number a reply box coming up would be nice too. It's just a suggestion but i think a good one for the site ya know

cmzhang Avatar

Browsing Imageboards should be more safe and easy to increase diversity and the number of funny retards.

n_tassone Avatar

yes we all agree

thomweerd Avatar

hello i was just wondering if my proposal has had any discussion in administration

garethbjenkins Avatar

If you wanna preview quotes, use Dollchan or this: