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/kc/ 44099: Whatever happened to >>15916 ? Daily reminder...

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Whatever happened to >>15916 ?

Daily reminder:
>>>/int/35224992 Koinucian the qt trap poole gots b&d due to causing butthurt at hotpocket cückoos monitoring /int/ in free time they don't jack off to interracial gay cp porn
>>>/int/35225421 is the post itself tbw
All of this WHILE ATALANTA RUNS WILD, I got banned for asking for the reasons implied "proxy" (I mean it's not like we Belarusians can't just cross border to Korolevec xD)
Whilst I am obviously persecuted, >>>/int/35225580 STANDS STILL (It's a knwon proxy larper faux-testoviron "nataly of troy")

Huh? Wat das fuark? expain urselves re-tarts and KYSelves obligatory too
can someone degrate those idiotic /int/ mods, especially lambada the tranny? can't you just recruit some better staff for it? /int/ is most popular board yet you made it worse and worse since 2012, why do you think people mass emigrated to newly opened ylilauta /int/ back then?

I suggest getting a proper job rather than being unpaid hotpocket who jacks off to unironically interracial cp gay porp

I was on this board probably longer than any of you neuschuftels mods

Obligatory since thread got locked due to sore butthurt

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Obligatory, daily quality atalanta thread: >>>/int/35223167

basically, typical thread on kacey as of 2016AD year of our catechon

truley splendid, how are the ironic threads I make worse again? I can repeat atalanta threads x9000 if you love them so much, with much more cuckoldry appreciation

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atlantistshit is quite an obvious proxycückhole yet I don't see him removed for that, never was in fact. I still remember how he got 2 weeks ban, mine was longer to like 4 months?

cool double standards

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I mean it's not like he is even trying to hide it LOL

show me one real pole unironically supporting banderists xD, or praising the kievan junta with that too! that is the one who still have all the teeths kept

you're banch of russophobic slav-hating polonophobes for letting this shitter go wild

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atalanta aka natalia trojanowska is shitting up the football threads with xir's proxies and schizoid split persona, cool fast reaction kcmods OPs

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atalanta-trojanowska chimped again, the kcuckoo kcmodder bumplocked my thread on >>>/bans/, casual stuff going as usual

Nothing new to see here, you hate >>>/int/ so dogdamn much