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/kc/ 44117: /int/ should be SFW, I can't think of any time wher...

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/int/ should be SFW, I can't think of any time where NSFW images were used to make intelligent or interesting threads. It's either

- edgy poles posting gore
- russians posting dead ukranians
- porn threads (which are distracting at best, and degenerate at worst)

these threads belong in /b/ and not /int/

cyril_gaillard Avatar

>these threads belong in /b/ and not /int/
That's Max Romeo tier, not just wanting them gone but annoying someone else instead
>I'm gonna put on a iron shirt, and chase the devil out of earth
>I'm gonna send him to outa space, to find another race

And about SFW, we had that in the tons of "ban porn" threads. NO, NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

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op here I legit cannot understand a thing you're saying

additional information: I'm an American

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Not a single one? But I do use English words.

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SFW-int is not an option, end of discussion

t. Int

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Fuck off you already failed on /bans/.

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t. Russian

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there is a need for a int /vip/

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fuck off APS