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/kc/ 44163: Remove Brits hat

ma_tiax Avatar

Gott strafe England!

romanbulah Avatar

blame you-know-who for not fixing this shit already

bagawarman Avatar

Floridaball, would you be able to create something like 2 last ones for Canucks?
(I take it as you still browse ITT forum)

the new england could be updated a bit too, say - Grand Unionball holding that?

a_harris88 Avatar

this is only thing existing for england, and it's quite... um, should be more like those two?

something with nigel defeating the EUminati monster would be in order I believe, that smug cunt thing was JUST so darn lazy :/

umurgdk Avatar

Mods have no control over balls you dumbass.

kimcool Avatar

those are synonyms re-tart