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/kc/ 44952: Make Krautchan accept mp4 files

sketi_ndlela Avatar

1. Do you like webm threads?
2. Do you like seeing new content in webm threads?
3. Do you dislike seeing the same webms?
4. Why aren't you lobbying for the admins to allow users to upload .mp4 files?

All my mp4s are lower in size than when I convert them to .webm, not to mention this 10mb size limit is too low, y'all crackas are missing out on a LOT of content. My webm folder has over 2000 files of which over 75% are mp4s which will never see the light of day on the Krautchan. You guys are always talking shit about Brazil and brazilians on the internet but did you know that our own imageboard accepts .mp4s? Krautchan is getting outdone by monkeys, who would have thought.

sreejithexp Avatar

Yes, let's post mp4!

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BrianPurkiss Avatar

>wanting to use non-freesoftware
>being so shit that he doesn't know how to convert properly
Get the fuck out brazilian mp4cuck

hibrahimsafak Avatar

>wanting to use non-freesoftware

>being so shit that he doesn't know how to convert properly
"Haha, der will nicht Stunden mit Converter-Settings, Bitrate etc rumspielen bis das webm-File kleiner als das mp4-File ist. Der NARR"

lisakey1986 Avatar

> >wanting to use non-freesoftware
Bist du bescheuert? Alle MP3-Patente sind abgelaufen.
Wenn schon FUD, dann aber bitte fundiert.

@Rest: Es ist Deutschland hier, schwätzt deutsch.

roybarberuk Avatar

Things will always be converted if considered worth it. There is nothing wrong in letting you do some cherry picking first.
Es ist auch nicht /b/ hier, Buttmunch!