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/kc/ 45321: Sage downvoting needs to be cut down. Often you have p...

erikdkennedy Avatar

Sage downvoting needs to be cut down.
Often you have people, especially g*rmans coming up into a thread just typing ., clicking sage and posting a reply. What's the point of this? Its just pathetic reddit downvoting behavior.

joshjoshmatson Avatar

Saging is a very important tool of quality control. Keinbernds must be demoralized and their threads have to autosage into oblivion.

iamkeithmason Avatar

>sage is not a downvote button
But it is!

ovall Avatar

Go back whereever you come from

antongenkin Avatar

It is not computed as downvote. It's just not bumped, as far as I can see.

mikaeljorhult Avatar

Sage was always used to indicated displeasure with content, ie. a downvote. gb24chan newfag.

jpotts18 Avatar

Sage is the only way of bringing through quality control
Germans know this place is supposed to have a higher quality than whatever the shithole imageboards are the posters come from.
If only you had regard for quality