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dem Hellakotpa from da heaven.
'Im Niggarahduktus vorzutragen
^ ^ '
Ther is a hellakot_pa in de air
is send to find da haters, anywhere
he seez dem in de dark an_dunda Tree
dem allways registratin ur ip

De hallakotpas owned by da king
it is his wapon an its ear and eye and sting
it is da Judge da jury and da Exekuta
itsin die Air, de Sea, and its in da Computas
solo electrik choppin sound

Awww, dass a haellakotpa in di air
he sez dat naschonalizism isn't fair
he saz dat antisemitisms ...# !dat is crime!
and shoashialism alwas gives a dime!

HE sez he has a gun, that he can use at_us
and everywon of ous 'd the right to choose has
betwenn teh goat an bad, teh wrorn an right
an that he is good on, on a good fight

De hallakatpas turnin roaund an raund
an d'fire hell and Steel out to teh ground
wehre sittin devilish da nazi and muslim
and terrorize da jewish in a team

Dem hellakotpa is ambassado' from heaven
cause hes teh one whos chosen just to giv'em
that what de beggin for, that caRGO what DE NEEDed
it is Uranium and ist is full depleeded.

DA heklakopta sez he knows he's da baest
send from Heruschaloem were zion is at least
World wil be goubernatet by de chosen one of Gods
the chosen won, beloved by the lords

DA heallakotpa never has gone wrong
because it cosz's tu much, it's work has to be done
u jabve right asl allwas, just o chose
between de goat an bad, youd'beter choose de jooos
* instrumental solo , laughin klarinette is laghin herself to death.

Just like tehr FAthers killed da nazi famili
burnin da germans, Wife and Kids an shot the vieh,
dem pilots are ze heroes of the young
dem figthin huns and gooks an alldem bietkong
B'kaus dem natiunalizismu isno right
an antisemitisim is to fight,
just like gahdaffi , sad amHussan an de racists
of leader who just dont think of de best.

Aww theres^a hellakotpa in de air
sez taht komman young man Milions everywerhe
youngman dey coma thousan mails aruond
just do bring dem Germans to da ground

demma send vrom erez, is raw hell
just to bring dem ugli jewish spell
Zion said that it will sacrifies *
da German Boys to proove here ugly lies

There is a hellakotpa in de air
they sez he finds an getz u evrywhere
the say u are Nazi an Racist
u never may defend against that shyst
da pupil run away u when u a come
day know u are nex t target vor his gun
nobuddy anymore is on u side
they got u on de screen, your in the light

Da hellakatpa flies into de sun
there is another land, where work has to be done
there allwas are some goys, to call nazie
and shoot som rounds upon dem stupid vieh.