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Just heard these two albums like i always do.
I'm somehow 'affectionate' with David Bowie, and the fact that his music is related to the concept of Übermensch just makes me identify with him even more.

Does /m/ recommend me something? Now i'm listening to Young Americans. Not personally one of my favorites, but kinda like it.

If you're looking to listen to these albums, check out:
Hunky Dory
Oh! You Pretty Things.
Life On Mars?
DON'T LISTEN TO THE SIDE B. IT'S FUCKING HORRIBLE. These songs in particular are incredible, but the second side of the album includes songs that David Bowie made for his inspirations, and it kinda shows some lack of. I personally don't like the second side, but particularly love all the others i said before.
And, it includes Andy Warhol A song which i personally dislike. Sorry. If you like it, don't feel bad about it, it's not that bad.

Diamond Dogs
Diamond Dogs, of course.
Sweet Thing
Rebel Rebel
We Are The Dead
Big Brother

Don't want to make particular considerations about this album, i kinda almost like all of its songs without a specific exception. I actually don't like as entirety, but these are said in their respective order. 1984 is REALLY good, but not a ~such known song~, although Rebel Rebel is a really known song.

Yes, i already heard Ziggy Stardust a thousand times. You're welcome.

Sorry for the "absence" of German. Not one of my fluent languages, although, i speak english, and if it's enough for everyone to understand, i'm good with it. Please don't be hostile with me.

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Geh grillen.

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What kind of recommendation do you want? Other, similar artists or something completely different?

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Something musically similar, or even other good albums from him.

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