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/m/ 65344: In my mind German is ASOM for gothic and new-folk music...

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In my mind German is ASOM for gothic and new-folk music. But it hard to found good music band from FatherLand. Because i dont understand german language. Can you halp me and recommend some hidden rar.
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I'm not that deep into gothic and neo-folk, just a few recommendation:
ART ABSCONs - Schwarzes Schiff:

Dies Natalis - Ein Wanderer also am Ende seiner Reise:

Sturmpercht - Wir rufen deine Wölfe:

Sopor Aeternus - No-One Is There:

Empyrium - Die Schwäne Im Schilf:

Werkraum - Slâfest du, friedel ziere?:

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Die Weisse Rose - Flamme

Darkwood - Wintermaerchen

Jännerwein - Den Berg empor

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Hello, Russia!
I came here to say I enjoy your It's the best website for gothic and neofolk.