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/m/ 65850: 'POKHVA' 2018 single 'It's just you''

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Hello, fellow Bernds

I am of a band 'POKHVA' from Belarus. We play Bernd-level synth metal with /b-level lyrics. Here's our Valentines day release:

Hope you enjoy it.

sava2500 Avatar

Well, here is the translation for ya

band ‘VAGINA’ – It’s just you

You’ve been naggin’ for so long
Been yelling at me
Everything is meh to you
Everything is wrong!
You say I pay little attention
That I earn peanuts
That all I do is play WoT
All I do is eat and shit

It’s just that you are cunt!
And that’s for shure, oh yeah!
And I am no better than shit
And been shit for a long time now
I mistreated you
Haven’t entertained you enough
And so our relationship
Turned into human feces

You’ve been suffering for so long
Working your ass off
Because I haven’t had
a promotion for like forever
You say I don’t take you for a walk
That I don’t wash our cat
And I haven’t borrowed money
To spend a vacation in Thailand!


The woman needs me just to nag
The woman needs me just to yell at
I can’t stand it no more
I don’t want to breathe no more


freddetastic Avatar

why are you so misogynous?

polarity Avatar

Didnt enjoyed it - its ok, thats all.
Nichts was man nicht schon irgendwo, irgendwie gehört hätte, musikalische Qualität ok, aber sehr ausbaufähig

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I'm sure he'd be singing the same stuff abt his boyfriend. smh

_vojto Avatar

It's shit and very generic.
t. former enjoyer of Belarussian music such as Ляпис Трубецкой and Angelina Pipper