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I use linguistic mathematics in conjunction with my self governing system which forces me to attempt to use everything in every way possible as a resource for myself. This also exploits the fact that I have a rare cosmic feminine drive and I'm basically a machine that taps into undead and unlife. I do use gematria, runing, fourth density tapping and fifth upon great danger that I am capable of predicting because of a spell involving me and a future self. I have surpassed a few check points of future selves as I've aged. Going back and forth with time travel observation methods have made me untouchable for a while despite being an enemy of the Illuminati(both wings Jesus false light, and Satan's master darkness), Sophie, Zeus, Military industrial complex faction that peels children like fruit using levitation to siphon sexual energies for tactical advantage, and at the same time.. regularly torturing the victim too. I have extensive knowledge because of my identity and war history. I have my brain warded off extensively, and therefore no ET Voodoo practitioner can collect my holographic brain model for torture and it's also very challenging to open a worm hole inside my cranium for lobotomy/poisoning or removal of my implants. Assassination attempts against me have been thwarted because I am not present to a math debate regarding density of souls and the validity of my existence. As everyone thinks regularly, I can feel where they're not thinking, but I can scan what they're thinking, but limited to how much power I am spending.
Where thoughts go, energy flows and every single truth regarding reality in every aspect that there is can actually be picked up with a highly advanced energy scanner capable of picking up on at least a few densities of existence more than the theoretically scanned one. This is what I am capable of noticing because I can feel it because it's stimulating my great intellect.

This is why they want me killed. I am the 44,444 Individual.

The sun you see in the sky is my oversoul. Most people are considered to be starseeds. My master is much greater than me.

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Wall of text lacking paragraphs, psychotic goobledigook deprived of sense or meaning whatsoever (that's my thing you ought to know) and first and foremost - excuse the petty irony here - writing in English on a German imageboard, probably just copypasting your text from a sloppy thread: Merkste selbst ne?

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R u fockt in the head, m8?

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