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How can I find the way?

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- Get yourself an Ignatius New Testament, start with John. Don’t read the old testament as of yet, as it is mostly boring and will also distract you from the New Covenant.
- Go to mass, so that the liturgy may drag you into the love for God. If you need help attending mass, ask here.
- Pray at least one Our Father per day. If you want, read some of the Psalms. Depending on who you are, and especially if you are afraid of praying to God, pray to Mary, so that she might pray for you, too. No, it is not idolatry or saint worship.

Also: do you have a denomination yet? Are you baptised? Why do you want to find “The Way”?

“I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6 RSVCE)

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I have been to mass a handful of times, but I feel so out of place. I don't know any of the prayers, and am afraid to go and receive the crackers.

I was baptized Catholic, and that is my denomination.
I need strength and I feel as though I owe the Lord.

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Try this. Don’t go to the SSPX churches.

If you don’t know the prayers, get this:
or the same name on ebay. It needs to be from before 1962.

If you need help, come to our IRC channel, I’m catholic, too. Before you receive the Eucharist, you need to go to confession, brother in Christ.

Since you’re catholic: read the catechism, pray the rosary, go to adoration. We have the entirety of grace to dip into.

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I appreciate it, Bernd :3
The church nearest me is approved there :D
In the future I will go to the IRC but I promise not to be a burden.

Thank you again.

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You’re welcome, brother. I hope I really have helped you in your quest to climb the steps of conversion.

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Oh yeah, it’s a latin mass but they should have some sort of guide for you, too. And prepare yourself for mouth communion.

Kneel when everyone does, stand when most do. Some people think kneeling all the time is the way to go, but that’s wrong. You will learn by adaptation. is a good explanation.