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Dein Gesicht als du diese Nachricht wahrnimmst
>Juden verstecken sich

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>Der Hass auf Juden ist eine jahrhundertealte Geisteskrankheit.

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>Wherever the Jews settled after ceasing to be a nation ready to defend its liberty and independence, one observes the development of antisemitism, or rather anti-Judaism; for antisemitism is an ill chosen word, which has its raison d’etre only in our day, when it is sought to broaden this strife between the Jew and the Christians by supplying it with a philosophy and a metaphysical, rather than a material reason. If this hostility, this repugnance had been shown towards the Jews at one time or in one country only, it would be easy to account for the local causes of this sentiment. But this race has been the object of hatred with all the nations amidst whom it ever settled. Inasmuch as the enemies of the Jews belonged to divers races, as they dwelled far apart from one another, were ruled by different laws and governed by opposite principles; as they had not the same customs and differed in spirit from one another, so that they could not possibly judge alike of any subject, it must needs be that the general causes of antisemitism have always resided in Israel itself, and not in those who antagonized it. This does not mean that justice was always on the side of Israel’s persecutors, or that they did not indulge in all the extremes born of hatred; it is merely asserted that the Jews were themselves, in part, at least, the cause of their own ills.

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Typischer selbsthassender Jude. Natürlich ist Antisemitismus real und hat nichts mit den Juden selbst zu tun. Es ist lediglich weil die Juden so speziell, so besonders sind, dass sie immer wieder von Gott geprüft werden.

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"Sie haben alle gelacht diese Juden,
sie haben das für einen Spaß gehalten -
heute lacht niemand mehr"

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Naja. Heute lacht jeder über Hitler - den Casanova mit der sauren Gurke.

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Nahdsie-Zeit ist saure Gurken Zeit.

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Oh, die armen kleinen Juden. ;_;