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Bernd, it's winter already, temperatures are dropping, everything turns dark, grey or white. That means it is finally time for another proper gyaru thread!!
No matter what style ( they are, from light to dark tan, from simple blonde hair to large pastel-colored hair-dos, with or without large fake finger-nails - just show what you got and let's talk about gyaru-AVs/actresses/models.

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I also want to use this thread to post some DLLs for the movies that I collected over the years and I want to share some rare AVs that are not readily available on the web (according the JAVLibrary) like pic related. But first i need to find a good "where" and "how to upload fast"-option, as I have some movies as DVDs and made ISOs of some for a friend, and maybe some of you are interested, too.

I also want to clarify from the start:
a) yes some/most of the following material will be censored, due to japanese law
b) I will mostly post "normal" stuff, but I have one or two chubby/fat gyarus and even one NewHalf-gyaru that I like and will post.
If you're not cool with that, start your own thread.

And another quick note: I might not post much in the upcoming week, but I hope I can post more later - and I simply wanted to start this thread already.

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use a streaming site like

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Wut? Ain't gonna put that stuff on a streampage. I didn't make 4GB ISOs for that. I want to put them either on MEGA or something similiar. I considered loading the movies in single .zip files with passwords and putting them on Dropbox, but I think Dropbox blocks files when they get downloaded too often too fast. Not sure if other OCHs are ok, like zippyshare etc.

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pls make

ayalacw Avatar

make a few webms of the highlights.

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If I have the time, maybe, but right now I don't have it. I'll definitely make thumbs for every movie I upload as a form of preview, though.

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A good resource that Bernd should use together mit JAV Librairie is Sougouwiki :

There you will find a more exhaustive list of titles for each actress, including uncensored scenes.

It's in Japanese but you can easily get by. Just type the movie code, or actress name, in the searchbox on the top right; then a list of titles or actresses will appear.

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>Ain't gonna put that stuff on a streampage. I didn't make 4GB ISOs for that.
Mein Neger ! Highest quality is always best.

Méga sounds like the way to go but one time a Bernd put some file over there and I've never been able to retrieve them. Even after I had created an account. Just a word of caution.

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Yeah that was probably because that guy didn't include the key-part in the MEGA-link. So far I didn't have any major problems, except for MEGA changing the links once for some reason.
And by zipping and passwording the files the risk of them getting deleted bc of Copyright-stuff is a bit lower, I'd say.

Good tip!

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Oh I see. It should be fine then. Zip + PW + unexplicit name of the zip should do.

I don't have much gyaru stuff that I could contribute apart from Nao Tachibana movies (and some Aika ones), but if there are movies you're looking for maybe you can still write their titles ITT just in case some Bernd has them in his collection.

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I'm interessted in those both.
MEGA would be fine. No one needs an account or so.

If you will have the time, some screenshots would be fine.

thx alot.

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Ok, so I think I found a good way to upload stuff to MEGA fast enough. So here are two movies as ISOs (around 4GB). The only problem could be that MEGA wants you to download some sort of Firefox plugin to download files larger than 1GB. I also noticed that it's best to open the ISOs with vlc-player. If there are too many problems or anyone doesn't want ISOs, I could also upload the "normal" rips (see above) - Maybe that would also be the best way, cause I could upload them way faster. But I'm doing these ISOs for a friend anyway.

The movies are:
[GAR-131] 黒ギャルだよ!!全員集合!!!イタズラ逆ナンはマジやばくねぇ~!!!

[DITR-002] HotChocolate Di3 LIMITED EDITION 002

Password for both is "JP" without the quotationsmarks (").

I'm always looking for videos from the studio Digital Arc. That's why most of the videos I own as hard-copies are mostly Digital Arc releases.

Nao Tachibana was my first real gyaru-crush. But her movies always lacked something exciting for some reason. She's mad cute, though. And I think I have/had most of her relevant movies (not including compilations).

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Aight, I don't have ISOs of those, though. Do you want ISOs or are normal rips (1,4GB each, mkv-file) ok? And I attached a movie-"overview" for each movie.

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ISO is always best. Also they can be converted into smaller formats anyway.
I'll try the Mega links and report in case something goes wrong.

Nao-chan would be such a great gf ;_;

The best actress I've seen so far, in terms of acting and passion, is Yuma Asami. She isn't a gyaru though.

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Well I tried converting the GAR-131 ISO and it didn't work. The DVD itself has copy right protection stuff, but the ISO works in vlc. And for some reason I also have a video-rip straight from the DVD that is perfectly fine. But yes, please report if you have any problems.

Nao-chan would be a good gf, indeed. I'll post her Real Street Angels image set later on, even though I posted it already way too often.

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Thank you for the DLL. I'm mostly interested in uncensored movies.

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Sorry, don't have any. I prefere censored as they're more creative. I only have two uncensored movies with Hikari, but in them she isn't very gal-ish (see pic).

Yo Aika-Bernd, have you checked out [HNDS-037]? I haven't myself, but a friend said it's pretty good. It's about the girls partying at a club and fucking around.

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I also just checked for imagesets, but I only found about three that were uncensored. So here, have atleast one right now. Will post the others later.

>[Caribbeancom] 112812-195 洗体エステでハメられた超ギャル Airi Tachibana 橘アイリ

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Unfortunately no creampie or cumshot whatsoever. But you can search for the titel of this set and find the video of it.

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Which software did you use ? It could be that you didn't use the right soft for the job (circumventing the protections).

Looking forward to Nao-chan's pics :3

Thanks for the tipp, Gyaru-Berndi. I saw that cover earlier and put it in my watch list. Dang that's a salivating lineup they've gathered for the shot!

I like those themes but the caveat is usually they switch too quickly between girls, it makes it more difficult to focus on the action of each performer.

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I used ImgBurn for the ISO. It told me about the protection, but I did it anyway. I tried ripping it with Handbrake, but it just gave me a video full of artefacts.
It really baffles me, that I can rip the movie from the DVD with handbrake just fine, but can't rip it from the ISO.

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Gee, Ai Uehara got a gyaru-make over from Mana Izumi. She looks so great like this. And Mana Izumi so cute with her short hair!!
Hope they did this for an actual movie - it's a shame that Ai is retiring, but at the same time I can totaly understand her.

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Friday night, time for gyarus!!
(I'm gonna leave some redundant/uninteresting pics out)

>[Real Street Angels] M123 Naomi なおみ

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Those tits, man!

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I'll soon be uploading WRKR-002, too. Pretty good stuff.

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Just looked up the homepage of the WRKR-002 movie, but it's gone ;__;

Anyway, I managed to UL another flick:
[FREE-005] あのグラマーな撮影会モデルはチ○ポが大好きな淫乱女らしい2

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I just got me [GS-003] ホームレスギャル~高架下のそそるヤリマン~ and the girl is a true gyaru, but damn, she's also a skeleton. The premise of the movie is, that she's homeless and all, but still, she's soo annorexic. In the last scene it gets pretty ugly when one guy fucks her from behind and her butt is just...see pic 3.
I'd like to see her in more movies, though, - but that was probably just a one-shot.

For a preview of it check out:

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And some new uploads - password is "JP" again:

[GST-019] After school @ diary 03 Riku (one video per scene) [ISO]


karsh Avatar

A normal rip would be fine ;3
Thanks alot!

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Next update, password is "JP":

[WNZS-188] 淫乱美黒ギャル RICA [ISO]

[DDG-005] CARAMEL DIAMOND 今野梨乃 [.mkv, 4 scenes]

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Password is "JP":

[DRAV-012] M男の僕は… ムチムチの爆乳黒ギャルに責め続けられたい [mkv - only the third scene is really gal-themed]

[DIGI-095] デジアーの出演モデルに応募して来た巨乳ムチムチ黒ギャルを撮ってみました。 [mkv]!r0NQwJaS!vIHB_qZQNCR5HiJ4BqQAHKlQEKEM1jsDHBQ-ReKQSlU

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Password is "JP":

[DGSP-024] 黒ギャルオイルヒップ reina hip 92cm [mkv - for preview see >>64734]

[DITR-016] Vampire Lemonade Di3 LIMITED EDITION 002 [mkv - for preview see >>647349]!OtkCxBza!0_qFnY9Dzs5d4CNMCp9xX6ze19JLNc8x7tnkZ5oCvHc

[DIGI-022] CHILD’S DEVIL [mkv]!v51iGLCA!LmZ4tiZUsVrMfJqLwhTW1R-1bocEpxxYfHwJeSSc718

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Yaaay found out that the gyaru-skeleton-girl actually has a sort of an AV career, twitter ( and blog (! :D
And she even seems to be friends with my favorite gyaru NewHalf Ayu (first pic left - 釜崎あゆ -
And from the looks of it, she already did another movie with Digital Ark for the Hot Chocolate series, which is one of the best series from DA.
And it seems like she's preparing to get implants - but I hope she gains a bit weight, cause huge plastic boobs on a stick sometimes look kinda weird.

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She really is a proper gyaru - looking forward to her upcoming movies. But without makeup she also looks a bit alien-ish :D but still cute.

sindresorhus Avatar

Oh lord, I went back to blog post from March 2014 and she wasn't that anorexic back then! Wonder what happened. Maybe she really became homeless - or addicted to coke or the marijuanas D:

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Time for a new update - I decided to upload some movies I downloaded some time ago, that seem rare or not available anymore. And all the upcoming uploads will be .mkvs or other video-formats. ISOs only upon request.

Password is "JP" as always.


[DIGI-129] Hot Chocolate 40

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The next two I don't own for instance. I think I got them throud directdownloadpages like rapidgator over JavLibrary or something.

Password is "JP":

[KAZ-002] 素人初撮り 本名ミカ

[KAZ-022] Shangri-la Rica

abdots Avatar

These two I have on DVDs. Password is "JP":


[MBZ-005] あの女と犯りたい4 平川恋

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Ok, and here's a little riddle for all you gyaru-buttlovers. What are the butts and what are boiled eggs? Hope you didn't play it when it was on twitter :3

And some more random gyaru-pics.

_zm Avatar

On the topic of butts: I just found the SVV-series on JAVlibrary (see title) and most of them have uploadable-links that seem to be working for non-premium-members - so if you want to stock up on gal/butt-related movies, you should get some of those movies.
I'm going to upload SVV-020/021/023 this week if I have the time, so you can check those out, before getting the others - but in my opinion, they are worth it.

Have some preview pics.

also: Is anyone still lurking this thread at all? A short reply is enough, so I know that I'm not doing this for nothing.

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You have more shaved gyaru stuff?

judzhin_miles Avatar

Ok, last round of Uploads. After that we'll see, maybe more picsets. Seems like no-one had problems with downloading from MEGA, right?
Anyway, here goes. Password as always "JP".

[DITR-028] Vampire Lemonade Di3 LIMITED EDITION 006

[IGAD-005] 五十嵐レオナが会いに来る

_kkga Avatar

Password is "JP".

[SAMA-204] 沖縄のちゅらギャル 1

[SEV-203] オジサン大好きギャルのエッチな日常

evandrix Avatar

Password is "JP". Again, if you like these two videos and also gyaru-butts, check out my post >>64919.

[SVV-021] VANILLA 17 小麦ちゃんのお尻

[SVV-023] VANILLA 19 小麦ちゃんのお尻

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Aight, last upload-post. Hope you liked atleast some of the videos. And hey >>64735, this Nao-video is for you! :3 I like the last scene of it especially, when they film her from below, while she's leaned over and her tits are jiggling around - so nice. Oh and the first scene, where she oils up and masturbates, also pretty great.
As I said, I'll focus on imagesets from now, as I've posted all the videos I have on DVD.

Password is "JP".

[WNZ-120] 生意気は女子校生 ヒナノリク

[WRKR-002] ワリキリ素人巨乳 ナオ100cm Hカップ 街でみかけた着衣巨乳痴女お姉さんのヤリモクワリキリバイト。

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Well, I'll see what I can find. But I think, as I don't really have uncensored movies/picsets, you'll often not clearly see if they're shaved or not. But maybe I can find something.

artcalvin Avatar

>[Real Street Angels] 2013-02-19 M209 Reika れいか

adhiardana Avatar

[H4610] Chinatsu Ogata gol084

csswizardry Avatar

>[Real Street Angels] 2015093 m318 Shion

christianoliff Avatar

And as it seems like the thread is no longer interesting to anyone, I'll let it be. If it dies, it dies. I'll see if it gets bumped.
I hope atleast some of the videos were interesting and worth downloading for someone. If not, that's alright, too.

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Do you have the video of this set? It looks incredible.

lightory Avatar

Sorry, I don't. In my experience the videos seldomly get rips or they take a while, which is a real shame. Or maybe I just haven't found the right source, yet.

But you can get other videos with Shion Fujimoto (
You know what to do with movie-codes, right?
I really like her appearance but her performances are sometimes somewhat lacking. Still every gal-enthusiast should check out her works.
Interestingly she also did movies prior to turning gyaru.

otozk Avatar

Yo Berndo-san, not sure if you're still here, but the video finally got a rip. Unfortunately I only found it as via direct download.

And there's also another set with Sion Fujimoto which I won't post as she's not that gal-ish in it.
>[G-Area] 20150803 Perfect-G 535 Sion

agromov Avatar

Holy shit. The skeletal Barbie is now a bit less skinny judo fighter AV girl? :0 Noice!!


kinday Avatar

Oooh booy~ooh, Digital Ark is restarting the Hot Chocolate series with a new movie starring Moka. Sekshi sekshi :3

Very noice preview video here:

safrankov Avatar

Fuckin' nice. Gyaru make me instadiamonds. Thanks for sharing the videos.

solid_color Avatar

You're welcome m8.

krdesigndotit Avatar

In about 2 weeks I'll get several older movies on DVD, which I'm going to rip. If any of you want these rips to be ISO or with special quality/properties, feel free to say so and I'll see what I can do. I will upload them to MEGA.

Anyway, here's the list so far: DFDA-144, FGAL-13, FLAV-14, DGSP-15
I might add more later.

vaughanmoffitt Avatar

Aw well, just found DLLs for DFDA-144 ( So if anyone wants a better rip, say so, otherwise I won't rip it.
And also two other nice looking compilations:
DFDA-068 (
DFDA-071 (

cheezonbread Avatar

Aighty. I'm currently downloading lots of gal movies from javlibrary, mostly Digital Ark _(:3」∠)_ Most of them via OCHs which takes waaaay too long. To save you some time, I'll upload them to MEGA. So here we go! :D

Password is JP

[DIGI-034] hot chocolate 11

[DIGI-035] hot chocolate 12

Problem with both of these files is, that when played with MPC they freeze for a bit when you skip around in the video, but keep playing shortly after. They work fine in VLC. Tried to re-encode them as mp4/mkv with VLC or Handbrake, but both didn't work properly. Does anyone know another way? Feel free to try it yourself.

albertodebo Avatar

And two more. These are fine, no problems playing them with MPC. That's it for now, will post more in some days, once other movies finished downloading.

Password is JP

[DFDA-068] 女豹 digitalark gal collection vol01

[MIAS008] Riku Hinano – Nice Black Ass

falvarad Avatar

Ok, received the DVDs and the complete list of movies is:
DFDA-144. FGAL-13, FLAV-14, DGSP-15, DIGI-024, DIGI-117, DIGI-144, ZCOL-01 and GL-014 (which isn't strictly a gal, but still nice).

I'll rip them as mp4/mkv with decent quality and as low as possible filesize. If you want one of the movies as another file format (like ISO) or with different specs, tell me. Like all the other movies so far I'll upload them to MEGA and post the links here.

albertodebo Avatar


heikopaiko Avatar


craighenneberry Avatar

Alright, first two new rips, password is "JP".

[FGAL-013] Gals Life 13


snowwrite Avatar

Second part of the first round, password is "JP". I guess the other movies will be up by the middle/end of next week.

[DFDA-144] 黒ギャル尻コキ!O9QBjR6S!UD83n2f0pHkOsFXt7_Bct0zhPHrYxMPXqS9YdnHXLfU

[DIGI-144] BROWNIE 11!exxSTZra!--FyrAsCtwZ26fPyhw5pB0vV-J5f-eqwtgzkPd1jtYc

oskamaya Avatar

Could you maybe deliver some uncensored stuff? That would be awesome

andychipster Avatar

Sorry mate, except for some imagesets like >>65011 I don't have any uncensored stuff. Most of the scenes I saw I found too boring and bland to keep.

yigitpinarbasi Avatar

Quick update on RiRi/Yuni. She gained even more weight, does her MA-training and looks hella noice and healthy now. Also she's currently filming/working with Club-Q, a hardcore femdom studio, pretty niche.

guischmitt Avatar

Here are the last 4 movies of this round of rips. Not sure what I'll do now. Cause all the other movies I have are readily available on the net. So my work is once again kind of done here. Of course I'll keep this thread kind of active and alive.

Anyway, here we go :3 Password is "JP"

[DGSP-015] BROWNIE 3 ド派手パイパン強め黒ギャル

[DIGI-024] Glam Mode

hampusmalmberg Avatar

[DIGI-117] hot chocolate 39

[ZCOL-01] 尻コキ★ギャルズコレクション

breehype Avatar

Damn RiRi's turning THICC, like a proper amazon queen, yaaass :3 Currently filming for a UPSON-movie with Buddha D ( - also for some bondage-flick.

samscouto Avatar

we need more pls

p_kosov Avatar

Agreed. But I probably won't buy any videos in the forseeable future due to reasons and there haven't been any good gyaru releases as of late (atleast none that I noticed). But seems like BlackRiot is pushing two new vids out soon.

hampusmalmberg Avatar

Alright Boyos and Gyarus, connoisseurs of the glamouros genre of Gal-Porn. Through the generosity of the magical Andrewer, uploader of historic, never before seen porn on nyaan, I hereby can present you a new round of uploads. Praise be upon Andrewer! Check out his uploads via

Password as always "JP".


IFLY-019 超手コキ 3 (includes 2 video files)

syswarren Avatar

Password is "JP"

DIGI-042 hot chocolate 15 (includes 2 video files)

DIGI-055 Erotic Diamond 愛菜りな・新垣さや (includes 2 video files)

yassiryahya Avatar

And now for something special. These two videos aren't even listed on JAVLibrary. Really wanna know where he got them - maybe bought them, too. These movies are from around 2005, the beginning of the gyaru age. They might not be great gyaru movies, but whatever.

Password is "JP"

DIGI-007 hot chocolate 3


terpimost Avatar


if you made a documentary, i'd watch it.

adhiardana Avatar

Round 2 - Password's "JP"

BLK-011 kira☆kira BLACK GAL BEACH 南の島で卑猥な腰振りグラインド☆BEACH FUCK! 泉麻那

BLK-012 kira☆kira BLACK GAL BEACH 灼熱太陽の下で超大量潮吹き☆BEACH FUCK! RUMIKA

vickyshits Avatar

Passwort is JP

IFLY-011 黒ギャルオールスターズ

DIGI-085 Erotic Diamond Spacial Dream Tag

smenov Avatar

Password is JP

DIGI-072 hot chocolate 25

DIGI-053 hot chocolate 18

melvindidit Avatar

Password is JP. And with this I'm again done with uploads for the forseeable future. Cheers m8.

DIGI-052 hot chocolate 17

DIGI-011 hot chocolate 4