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/sp/ 6099: /tg/craft - a /tg/ community minecraft server

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Launches on Friday, 21st of October, on 19:00 GMT.
7 day grace period with no PvP after launch.

/tg/craft is a towny survival server, meant primarily to foster an enviroment friendly to fantasy roleplay.
There is no spawn - players randomly spawn on the map.
There is hostile mobs, but there's also custom recipes to create resources normally gained from them.
Map is a custom map created by ChienAndalou, 20kx20k size.
Brewery with many custom recipes added.
Iron cannons, catapults and trebuchets from Cannons.
Muskets and custom medieval weapons from Crackshot.
Infernal mobs to provide challenge for more hardcore players.
RPGitems to create mythical, unique and powerful items which players can find in custom, admin-created Dungeons.
Magicspells to add a custom magic system, with custom spells - though we've just begun configuring it so not yet certain what will exactly be added.
More plugins may be added later on if enough players demand them.


1. No combat hacks - Xray is fine, KillAura is not.
2. No spamming chat, no cancerous memes and cringey attention-whoring.
3. No PvP or conquering without proper RP - making a three-sentence culture/religion meant only as an excuse to grief other players is going to be severely punished and all damage rolled back.
4. No alt accounts.

The admins will use their common sense and will ban rule-lawyer shitters who make the server unfun and grief other players yet avoid clearly breaking any rule.
Example; A nation manages to defeat another in battle, and occupy their town, then instead of accepting the enemy's surrender just spawnkills them perpetually as well as griefing their city and looting everything. This is obviously not RP and is just plainly being a shitter.

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Join the nation of Kislev
We are a hardy nation of Slavs in the North. We build magnificent onion domes, use massed musket infantry to defend our walled cities and trade with the Dwarves, who will be near us. We are always looking for miners, builders and pvpers to join our squat sessions and drink kompot with us

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