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Well, i don't even know what i want to say, but just in case anyone wants to add something about this topic, do it here.

that feel when you never travel around the world , because you are an social retard with no money...feels bad

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You should visit Turkey, we would go clubbing together and hunt Russian chicks. :3

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>no money
I think you would enjoy going to the east. Our money is worth more there.
Also you don't have to talk because just say you no speaka da language

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that feel when never left Russia

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I know that fühl m8. But you can always come to Antalya.

This. You can stay in a hotel in Antalya or İzmir for a week for about 350-500 liras (150-200 euros.) Once you've bought the plane tickets, you can do everything you want with 70-100 euros in your pocket for a week or two. It's cheap here.

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>But you can always come to Antalya
thanks but I prefer northern wastelands with no men.

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Oh gee, a backpacking thread!

I guess it isn't really backpacking since I stayed at a nice hotel, but I just got back from a one-week vacation in Las Vegas having all of the stuff I brought fit in my backpack.

It's great, large and organized enough to keep lots and lots of stuff yet small enough to bring to school and fit under seats in airplanes.

The people in this interesting blog also use the backpack, I think it's pretty popular amongst backpackers.

Best wishes for the new board, I hope to be a regular here. /int/ sucks

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Why not? It has a great night life, environment, nature. It is completely different than the Urals and you should see something different, get some Mediterranean feel in you. But if you say so..

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civilisation is for faggots
only wilderness and survival, only hardcore

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I plan on doing a backpack/survival/innawoods at the end of the year (yes I know that it will be winter, but who cares?)
I plan to fly to Tulcea and from there wandering/hiking/tramping back to Germany. It would be about 2000 km and take me at least 4 months.

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Come on, retards, let's get this thread going...
going in the right direction.
Backpacking isn't about renting a hotel room for 25 NG a day in Antalya(the place all the German retards go when all the flights to mallorca are fully booked...)
Is it globetrotting? Do you get to know a culture completely different to yours? You're not. Maybe you can do backpacking through turkey, but I'm quite sure that it isn't that easy as for example in Spain: plenty of cheap hostels, interesting cities, decent infrastructure...

My last trip with a ~50-litre-backpack took place in indochina, it was really nice, but you don't really need such a huge backpack in a tropical climate and it's a rather cumbersome thing to carry around.

I'm planning to have my next backpacking trip in thailand, this time with a much smaller backpack, 38, maybe even only 28 litres...
I hated carrying around so much useless stuff, when all you need is a credit card, a pair of swimming trunks, a mosquito net, a towel,an ebook-reader, some toiletry and a few changes of underwear.
seriously, I hate it when you have to carry loads of stuff when you actually don't need it (an extra pair of jeans, 6 t-shirts, socks, a sleeping bag, ...)

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Maybe I´ll go backpacking in Sweden this year. There are many remote areas with no people, so I guess that`s very Bernd friendly. Only thing I´m afraid of is buying a bus ticket in sweden.

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Come on Bernd, it's not that hard:

Swedish is such an easy language to learn, but maybe you wouldn't even have to learn it since most people there speak English anyway...

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I have been backpacking one year in Australia and one year in New Zealand so far.

It's something that is changing you as a person. The amount of people you meet and make friends with is hard to believe.

If you thinking of doing it, do it. It is also a cheap way of traveling.

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While I was further planning my trip, I discovered that I can´t buy food along my entire route. So what kind of provisions are ideal for a 7-8 day trip?

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Tütensuppen, Dosenhering, Dosenravioli, in Gläser eingelegtes Gemüse. Sehr gut haltbar und nahrhaft ist in Plastikfolie verpacktes Schwarzbrot.
Sauerkraut ist relativ gut gegen Skorbut, aber am Ende sinds ja ohnehin nur 8 Tage.
Was mich erneut daran erinnert: Was soll das überhaupt für ein Plan sein? Für 8 Tage nach Schweden, keine Zivilisation sehen. Keinen Fatz da einkaufen. Also, ich weiß nicht...

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Auf Doesenravioli und Gläser würde ich verzichten.
Man trägt einfach zuviel Wasser mit sich herum. Auch ist Glas wegen der Bruchgefahr keine sonderlich schlaue Idee auf Reisen.

Lieber einen guten Wasserfilter mitnehmen, dann kann man sein Nudelwasser auch aus einer Pfütze bekommen. Der von dir gefürchtete Skorbut ist kein Problem, wenn du nur ein wenig Sauerampfer vom Wegesrand naschst.
alsob Skorbut eine reale Gefahr sei, lachs