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So, earlier this week I've made a thread on int about cheap traveling to foreign countries.
I wasn't sure what country to pick, but then a bernd from Morocco offered me to stay at his place for a while.
I wasn't certain about this, but now that I've done some research, I decided that Morocco is a pretty good destination.

So, the plan is such: Arrive in Casablanca, then move north along the seashore to Rabat, then head to Meknes where the guy lives, visit him, then visit other cities like Fez and Tangier, possibly Marrakesh.
The budget will be minimal. The primary way of transportation will be train.

Another bernd from Moscow saw our talk and wished to join us, and it's good because traveling alone is less comfortable imo.
A bernd from the Netherlands with Moroccan parents said that he'll be on holiday somewhere oon the coast in the summer, and also invited us.

This all is still very uncertain, but I see it as a good opportunity of getting some local help in a foreign country.

I don't know what this thread is supposed to serve for, but I see it as some kind of an assessment planning for the holiday. I know it's still too early to plan this kind of events, but I've never been abroad and I don't want to fuck it up.

Some questions for those who've been there or maybe live there now.
-What in your opinion is definitely worth visiting in Morocco? For example, Marrakesh seems like an interesting place, but it's kinda far from everything else.
-Will I do fine with just English, or do I need French/Arab to travel independently?
-Is Ramadan affecting the country a lot? I heard hotels are cheaper during that time, but on the other hand, it's harder to get food during the day. Is it so?

I may come up with other questions later, but for now this is it.

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Oh, and I'm not sure how much time I'll spend there. Basically, I have plenty of free time in the summer, it all depends on the travel partners and monis.

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Oh, and to all Moroccans: feel free to invite me to to your city and show around.

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Another question: is hitchhiking a good idea?

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Answering my own question -

This source says Morocco is a hitchhikable country, can anyone confirm it?