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This summer I cycled through the Netherlands and Denmark and I had a lot of fun along the way. Next autumn I will probably start studying in Sweden at a university in either Gothenburg, Lund, Stockholm or Uppsala. I wanted to know if anybody had some experience with what the cycling infrastructure, terrain, etc. are like. I'll break down what questions I have:

1. I marked the two likely routes I would take (in either direction). I had a look on and there seem to be cycle routes all the way between the cities, but what are they like? I don't expect it to be separated lanes all the way (I think only Holland is like this really), but maybe something like Denmark? In Denmark it was actually really pleasant even when there was just a cycle ROUTE but no separate lanes because the roads were cosy and quiet. What's it like in Sweden?

2. What's the terrain like? Holland is flat as a pancake, Denmark is hilly at best but still pretty flat. I can't find any good info on what it's like in Sweden but my last two times there I figured it wasn't too uneven.

3. I stayed in hostels along the way on my last trip but this time I would like to wild camp most of the way. I'm keen to keep clean and shower regularly, though. Where would I reliably find a shower on a daily basis? In Denmark I travelled between 60 and 100km a day in case that helps.

4. Do many people do anything like this in Sweden? I didn't even run into anybody doing long distance cycle touring when I was in Denmark and that strikes me as a much more popular destination for it so I wonder.

I guess that's it. If I think of something else I'll post...

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Will also answer any related questions about NL/Denmark. I highly recommend travelling this way! I might make a thread describing the trip in detail (+ my equipment) one day but not today.

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why can't you use a camp shower to shower with?

are you going to travel in winter through the area?

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I'm not sure how common campsites actually are, and sometimes it's nice to pitch a tent in the middle of nowhere. That's a good point, though. I should probably look into that.

And I guess I wasn't clear - I'd be doing this next summer as well. In June or July. In winter I would probably die if I tried it in winter, I am not that fit...

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no, I meant something like pic

you can also wash clothes by using a bucket and a plunger, the bucket can double as food storage, chair, etc.

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Here I helped you with your route, now you know what to expect. Also, I suggest you watch the movie "The Grey" before your trip.

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Camping is a good idea, as it's legal to camp almost everywhere. Just don't go on people's yards or anything.

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Looks cool, only problem is I don't know where I would get the water. Can't exactly carry it around given how heavy it is.

How is Finland for cycling? Similar trip to this, although I don't have any start/stop points in mind. Suggestions maybe?

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nice bike
I made my touring bike using soviet bike frame(soviets knew everything about good metal things) and cheap chineese gear
1 - before
2 - after
but actually I use this shitmixer (3) because we have no roads.

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Damn, that's cool. Have you done any bike touring before, and where? Where do you live in Russia?

I notice you only have one set of gears. I found that it came in quite handy in Denmark actually to have a bit more flexibility but I think I will have to adjust my gear ratios a bit next time I go because of the heavy load I had on the back of my bike.

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Yes, I had few, they were easy. We actually try to spend every weekend with outdoor activity during the summer with my friends and bikes are best for this. So it's usually 2-3 days and 100-200 kms with 5-10 kg of extra load, camping and drinking beer, lol, nothing serious.

I noticed that I can use only one gear so it's not so important even in my hilly region(but I think I'll reduce number of teeth of forward gearwheel). Anyway I have cross country mountain bike for serious rides, big hills and shitty roads.

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What part of Russia? :3

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I use a folding bike myself

currently building a custom 2 wheel trailer to haul the suitcase I'm using to transport the bike and some gear inside of it. The trailer uses the same wheel size as my folding bike, so I have spare wheels in case anything goes wrong. Pic is the design I'm copying for my custom build.

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