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Hello Bernd,

I will be travelling to berlin next week, for 3 days (Thursday night - Friday - Saturday - Sunday Night we will leave). I have been in Berlin once before, it was Oktober 2010. Can you tell me what spots I MUST visit on my 3 day trip? I'm not a partyperson, I like musea and I love German history.

I have been to:
- Checkpoint Charlie;
- The TV tower;
- Sans Soucci;
- MuseumInsel
- Deutsches Historisches museum
- Stasi museum (old archives)
- DDR museum
- East Side Gallery
- Kurfürstendamm
- The Story of Berlin ( but I got sick and left after 30 minutes :/ )

Danke und freundlichen Grüssen,
Henk de Vries.

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No berlinballs? Oh well my experience is somewhat limited, but there's a Stasi museum that isn't archives, but an old prison. And there are tours through old Cold War bunkers:

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You are my greatest ally. This is exactly the stuff I'm looking for. Thanks :D

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For burgers, go to Burgerium, Revaler Straße near Warschauer Straße. For bulgarian food, visit Primaria, Boxhagener Straße 26. Next to it is a good burger place as well.

LG Berlinbernd

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And for the best and cheapest Pizza, Pizza-Dach in the Simon-Dach Straße, it's between Revaler and Boxhagener Straße.

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How was it? What did you manage to see and was it worth it?

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Well the first day we had a groupactivity: Guided tour from Reichstag to Checkpoint Charlie. I have seen most of these places already, but it was a nice tour though. In the evening we ate at some DDR restaurant, Sauerkraut, Kartoffeln und Pork ankle.

On saturday I decided to visit Sachsenhausen in Oranienburg. Then we got dropped of at East Side gallery, but I had seen that already. Then I proceeded to Alexanderplatz by U-bahn to visit the Fahnenladen, Flagworld, but it was closed. Then I travelled to Unter Den Linden, bought a german flag and drank Paulaner Weissen und Berliner Kindlr. Man oh man, these were delicious. Then I had dinner at Mommsen-Eck at the Georgenstrasse. In the evening we visited some strange African/Rasta café at the Oranienstrasse, had a few beers, and went home.

The next day we had to pay an obligatory visit to the Modern Art Museum für Gegenwart. I decided to bail and headed for the Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer instead :D. S-bahn station Nordbahnhof has a pretty interesting history, being a 'ghost station'. Then I travelled back to the hostel and at 14:00 we left Berlin by bus.

I think I will return someday in the summertime, to visit the Berlin Underground complex and the Flakturm.

Pic related: It's my room.

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Berlin is much bigger than Mitte and Friedrichshain

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Berlin zoo!

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Please enlighten me.

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>Pic related: It's my room.


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I have bought these flags in Berlin. Highlight of the trip.

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I'm planing my trip to Berlin for march 26th to 31th. Do any of you guys know some cheap hotels where I can get a single room? Hostels are not really an option as I want a room for myself.

Something near or in Neukölln would be nice.

Thanks guys.

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