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/trv/ 1376: Mexico

jodytaggart Avatar

Hey Bernd,

I want to travel to Mexico (Sinaloa) to visit a person. Can I survive by just booking a flight and stay in a cheap hotel for the night?

Is spanish needed or can I speak english? How high is the chance to get killed?

silv3rgvn Avatar

-You will survive (just dont be too stupid...)
-You better stay in a cheap hostel (lot of Europeans), but take care of your stuff! Sleep with it in your bed.
-Spanish is needed. Just because of being respectful. If you are totally not able to speak it, you have time while flying to USA/Mexico. Its doable
-Chances are low if you are male and respectful...and German!

Where you wanna go?

keremk Avatar

Any inoculation that I need? said I should have all that are needed but it doesn't tell which they are.

I can say Gracias, Adios and Aloha.

oanacr Avatar

you gonna get sliced esse

seanwashington Avatar

forgot this one

velagapati Avatar


Go to your trusted doctor, he will tell you what you need.

learn at least a few other polite phrases. Asking for the way, the time (for buses for example) and stuff like that...self explaining imo.

oscarowusu Avatar

I would not recomend you to go to Mexico but if you absolutely need to go then I think English is enough. Their spanish is shit anyway.

iamkeithmason Avatar

Spanish needed
Friend got kidnapped this year at gunpoint with 4 others, incl a local

Travelling to Mexico is as smart as travelling to Yemen. Maybe you get lucky. Do you feel lucky?

georgedyjr Avatar

Wouldnt recommend Mexico. I was there once, with my newborn Baby. Was robbed by Drug Cartel. Then they raped and ate my Baby and shot me to death.