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tl;dr version of Teaching English overseas?
No degree as of yet, thinking of short coursing it, want to learn semi-relevant language.

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teaching english overseas?
as a native speaker, you've got good chances to earn something close to a beggar's wage, with or without a degree.

what do you think teaching Engrish has got to do with learning a semi-relevant language?
you won't learn a foreign language while teaching Engrish to people who are speaking that language. At least you're not supposed to...

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>No degree as of yet,
So what makes you qualified to teach? Speaking the language is necessary, but not sufficient.
>want to learn semi-relevant language.
Take a language class in the UK.

>earn something close to a beggar's wage
Not after taxes.

ultragex Avatar

Well it's more useful/fun to be in the country of the language you are trying to earn.

you don't need a degree to teach English in most countries just the short course.

I'm earning a beggars wage in the UK doing extremely long and shitty hours and my weeks shifts are sporadic so I don't have the opportunity to go to language classes.

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implying most people teaching english overseas are earning enough money to even afford to pay taxes...

jffgrdnr Avatar

>>it's more useful/fun to be in the country
yes, but don't expect to pay for your stay or living costs by teaching without any qualifications.

>>you don't need a degree
yes, you're right, but expect to fucked sideways by every single employer and enjoy struggling to make ends meet.

>>I don't have the opportunity to go to language classes.
as a beginner you will still need to ake classes to get a grip on the basic principles of a language. I've heard that the michel thomas audiocourses are teaching you those quite well.
Also, as a beginner, leaerning a language in the (virtual) classroom is more useful than learning in real life situations. real life situations are hard to cope with language-wise. when you're on an intermediate/advanced level, learning a foreign language where it's spoken is more efficient.

the fact that I have to explain this should make you reconsider your ambitions to become another shitty engrish teacher

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>you don't need a degree to teach English
I meant, what makes you think you are capable of teaching English as a foreign language? Just using the language yourself isn't enough especially if you usually make the kinds of mistakes you've been making in this thread.

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m8 do your research, they're in such short demand that they're employing anyone with the 4 week course. tefl tesol celta etc.

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You're still missing the point, "m8". Do you, personally, have any teaching skills or experience? Any experience or education in teaching a language? Have you dealt with students before, as a teacher? Have you done so in a commercial environment where you're continuously evaluated in terms of customer retention?

And you can't even spell TOEFL...

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I was in Thailand last year, met a guy from UK who was living there and teaching English without any qualifications, he didn't speak Thai. I was told that I could probably find a job as a teacher there as well.

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From what I've heard, if you don't have a degree your options are limited to rural Chinese backwaters and depressingly poor SE Asian countries. Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and the better parts of China all seem to demand degrees.