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/trv/ 1896: So apparently I'll be visiting Slovenia later ...

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So apparently I'll be visiting Slovenia later this month. I have been to Maribor and Liu... Lubij... Laibach before but I didnt really get to see much on account of being depressed or drunk, most likely both. Anyway, if you have any interesting places to go or things to do, let me know. Pic related is the only thing on the list so far. I'll probably drive down to Laibach via Marburg. On my way home I will probably pass by Triest because it gives me feels and then back up to Tarvisio and back home through Carinthia.

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> Anyway, if you have any interesting places to go or things to do, let me know.
There's a punk rock festival, in case you're into that. Billing is not out yet though.

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Maribor itself is nothing special, but some towns around it are very nice. Ptuj is a nice medieval town and is definitely recommended.

You can probably skip Celje without much regret.

Ljubljana will be all about EuroBasket 2013 this month, so it should be really nice there.

Next up are the caves. Besides the castle on your pic you should definitely visit Postonjska jama and Škocjanske jame.

Not much to say about the coast. All of the towns there are nice, even the otherwise industrial Koper. You can also jump in the sea if you're not too afraid of the cold.

On your way back you should make a detour to the Soča river valley. It's one of the best rafting rivers in the world and you can also visit >>1901 while you're there.

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yeah, that's already over apparently

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Thanks. I guess we'll skip Maribor then. Is there anything special in Laibach or Kranj?

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Ah, sorry. I thought it was during September for whatever reason...

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Go to Bled, beautiful lake, old and somewhat posh Sommerfrischeort.

Also i once saw a Doku about an alpine river of was of breathtaking beauty, clear, turquois...i think its the river Soca/Isonzo (Italy gibe clay!), pic related. Seems to be famous for Kajak and rafting, probably canyoning. Not sure for fishing.

Maybe go hiking onto Triglav mountain, with its characteristic three peaks (check slovenian flag for details)

Marburg looks like a nice southern city from the pictures, i wanted to go there last year, they have a large wine festival each year with music and whatnot, where they celebrate the towns ancient wine plant.

I dont know if Kranjska Gor or Gorica are interesting. Its probably a good idea to take a trip to Triest with Schloß Miramare and Duino. Its only a cats jump away.

I dont know about other attractions, nature and towns are more or less like at home, if you dont pay attention slovenian even sounds like carinthian, they have the same language melody (nona).

The last picture is a nice thing they have everywhere, Mlekomat.
Only fresh milk, only hardcore.

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Why the hell would you want to go to that slavic shithole?

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/trv/ is not for shitposting, go back to /int/. On second thought don't, leave all of KC instead.

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I've seen one of those in France as well.