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/trv/ 2001: Specials about NewZealand?

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Hi /trv,

im going to NewZealand in august 2014 and im looking for the unusual tourist stuff that could be explored. I heard about the best muffing in taupo and things like that.

I will be there for 5 weeks and the Route is from Auckland down to Christchurch with a visit to milford sounds.

Any suggestions?

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You probably don't need 5 weeks for it. I went around the entire South Island in about a week. Dunedin is fairly shitty, but Christchurch not sure about now, but it was before the earthquakes and Queenstown are cosy. The drive from Greymouth down to Queenstown is extremely scenic, and around that time of year there will definitely be snow around (southern hemisphere winter).

I've seen only the northern parts of the North Island. Auckland is an okay city - neither good nor bad - but the CBD is dangerous at night. I went up to the Bay of Islands and Waitangi an important place in NZ history, and it's more of a tropical type of area. Up there they have forests with gigantic trees called kauri.

Foodwise, NZ is known for good quality fush and chups and lamb shanks.

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WTF, the South got like 20 destinations that are worth visiting...
BIG thanks for the pictures, exspecialy the one from auckland, fuckyeah!
I will have 4 weeks in NZ and one in Cairns in Australia.

Ill have a Rentalcar for the trip and will spend my nights in backpackers, pretty much the casual way to travel this things. Ill have one person with me, if this matters.
Do you have absolute Highlights rel to NZ?

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Note: Chirstchurch is pretty fucked up!
A friend told me that its like after an Zombie apocalypse...dying and shit!

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I have a similiar question, but it's for poorbernds, I've got about enough money for a ticket to New Zealand and then a bit; but certainly not enough to travel on.

So I was looking at fruitpicking which is 13$ an hour and is pretty guaranteed work for backpackers with Working Holiday Visa; but I've been told that the money you make doing that doesn't really allow you to save any of it as it all goes back into accommodation and food on the farm this not allowing you the funds to actually tour. So does bernd have any experience with this? Was this girl incorrect ( as I hope ) when she told me this, or will i essentially be an indentured fruit picker for my entire stay if I choose this route? I intend to hitchike and camp in terms of touring.

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If it's a sunny day I recommend a day trip around the coromandel peninsula very beautiful beaches

also there are some very cool places down south too see wild fur seals and penguins up close

Summer is late November December January February
I recommend buying or bringing some camping gear or just sleep in your rental

p.s don't stay in Auckland it's shit

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You're going back to NZ? Or first time?

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Okay hey guys, I'm a New Zealander but I'm in Belgium right now so please forgive my flag.

First off, you probably want to split up your time so you have 1/3 in the North Island and 2/3 in the South, ideally.

You're probably going to fly into Auckland, so we'll start there. The North is pretty boring apart from the beaches (check out Ruakaka above Auckland, you can camp there and it's beautiful in the Summer), the volcanic activity in Rotorua and the scenery at tongariro national park. After you're finished up North you can take a ferry (boat) from Wellington to Picton in the South Island. You can bring your rental car on this boat.

The South is a lot more scenic and has a lot less people living there. Things to check out in order from the top of the island to the bottom:

-Kaikora. Lots of cool things to do and see there.
-The ruins of Christchurch (you can walk around the city and see it all although a lot has been cleaned up now)
-Timaru. You'll probably pass through here at one point if you are going from CHCH toward Queenstown. Although it gets a lot of shit talked about it it has a lovely beach and some nice areas (pareora river gorge for swimming) around it. If you talk to some locals you'll be able to find the maori rock paintings in the hills behind the city. This is my hometown and I love it heaps, I would show you around but I'm not sure if I'll be there in August.
-Tekapo. A small town an hour and a half from Timaru with some awesome scenery. There is a backpackers place, hot pools and you can go skiing here if you come in the winter. Be sure to walk up mount John. It's short but you get a great view and a sense of serenity with how little civilizaiton there is.
-Wankaka. Literally my favorite place in the world. This is between Tekapo and Queenstown. Nice town beside a beautiful lake. There's a backpackers place here too. You can drive around the area and do some amazing day hikes. Rob Roy Glacier comes to mind. Also awesome skiing here too. Check out Cadrona.
-Queenstown. I've never really spent much time here because it's so touristy and I find it a bit expensive. But it's very pretty and you should probably go there anyway. There is a gondola up to the top of a mountain from the city where you get a cool view.
-Dunedin. You'll probably come here on the way back. There is a cool hostel which is in an old hospital. It's kind of creepy but very interesting. You can watch TV in the old morgue. Maybe ask some people to find it. Other than that, just explore. It's a student city and good for partying.

I took a lot of time to write this so I hope you enjoy your time in New Zealand! I've recently been in Germany and met some awesome German people, so I hope New Zealand treats you just as well as I was treated. Maybe we will even run into each other! If you post on the 4chan /trv/ board in the future with Timaru mentioned in the title I could get back in touch with you if you wanted.

Pic related - Lake Tekapo

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Hah, that's funny! I'm german (obvious trough flag) and studied a couple of months in new zealand. I can only say, that they are the nicest people I've ever met in my life along the countries I've visited so far. It was an awesome time!

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Was there 2 years ago. If you're a bit interested in "manly" stuff, try
Did it and it was awesome. Forging, sanding, working with brass and steel and wood; and in the free time (while it cools down) you can shoot with bows and learn to throw axes.

And somewhere near Queenstown is a nice Quad track where you can go on a privately owned piece of land and drive around.

Also check out the Waitomo Glowworm cave:

... and now I miss NZ :(


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taupo hot water spring
beste immer!1