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/trv/ 2009: Tokyo

velagapati Avatar


I am traveling to tokyo and shanghai in a few weeks.
I will be staying 5 days in tokyo and want to see as much as I can.
Do you have anything i HAVE to see ?

Also I need some nightclub recommendations, i love electro.

Thank you

sgaurav_baghel Avatar

As a Bernd --> Akihabara

armcivor Avatar

Womb club was long considered one of the best techno clubs in the world. Although I don't give much about such 'ratings' I'd give it a try.

polarity Avatar

Not OP here.
I visit middle december to the first january days Toyko too. But I have not really ideas what kind of places I visit. This is my second visit. My first and last visit I was too often in Akihabara. This time I visit maybe for two or three days Akihabara and not more! My last visit I was over one week only in Akihabara. Can somebody tell me where the best or most popular Ramen restaurant is? And some good events or concert in december?

>Also I need some nightclub recommendations, i love electro.
Me too!

umurgdk Avatar

Bernd, how far in advance do you make your hotel reservations?

puzik Avatar

I have been to Womb before, and though it was overrated. They fucked up my drink twice and its full of tourists.